10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts to Follow
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10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts to Follow

These accounts were made for inspiration and self-love.

10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts to Follow
Riots Not Diets

Everybody needs a whole lot of self-love all the time. Since we are our own worst critic, it's amazing when we have people around us preaching self-acceptance and body positivty for us. For those procrastinating scrolls through instagram, here are 10 body positive accounts to follow to get in your daily dose of self-love:

1. @theshelahmarie

Shelah Marie, of the broadcasts "Soul Study with Shelah," is into yoga and a healthy lifestyle. She belives in feeding your soul as much as you do your body. Her struggles with anxiety and suicide have led her to focus on positivity and growth. Shelah advocates body positivty through her journey to a healthy lifestyle.

2. @tessholliday

Tess Holliday is the World's first size 22 supermodel and founder of #effyourbeautystandards. Tess is unapologetically her, and she urges others to be the same way.

3. @gabifresh

Gabi Gregg is a swimwear designer, plus size model, and fashion blogger. Her account is littered with gorgeous selfies and photos of fabulous outfits. She is an inspiration to always dress for you and feel amazing while doing so.

4. @rosiemercado

A plus size model who recently lost 250 pounds, Rosie Mercado is the epitome of body positivity, but not because of her weight loss. She is such an inspiration, because she lost weight for her health, not for anyone else.

5. @tracieeellisross

Tracee Ellis Ross is without a doubt already amazing for her roles in film and television, but she will not stop there. She claims to be a "culture of beauty disrupter," and that is exactly what our culture needs. Beauty should not be measured and compared; beauty is everywhere.

6. @gabby3shabby

Gabourey Sidibe, my favorite part of American Horror Story: Coven and Empire, is in the new Lane Bryant campaign, and she is slaying. In the Lane Bryant #ThisBody commercial, she reads hateful comments directed at her and is unbothered by her haters. Everyone can learn something from her determination: to not be stopped by naysayers.

7. @fightforgrowth

Sarah Ramadan battled with anorexia and faced many health issues, but she is now a devoted lifter and is dedicated to promoting self-love for herself and others.

8. @baddiewinkle

Baddie Winkle is fighting ageism by her being herself and enjoying life. Her personal style and general dgaf attitude is motivation to be yourself, regardless of anyone else's opinion.

9. @oneoldog

Self-proclaimed "Sexiest Man Alive," Joel Marsh Garland of Orange is the New Black is trying to fight male beauty standards.

10. @lavernecox

Laverne Cox, also from OitNB has broken boundaries as a black, trans actress, and for that she deserves all the respect. Cox started #TransIsBeautiful in support of trans people and their bodies.

These 10 accounts are all body positive, becasue they all represent and advocate for different body types and peoples. Give them a follow!

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