Blair Waldorf is, and always will be, the ultimate Queen Bee. We all watched her on "Gossip Girl" and envied her clothes, hair, and ridiculously good looking boyfriends. But the thing I love most about this Upper East Side icon is her incredible comebacks. If there's one thing that Blair Waldorf knows how to do well, it's diss people. So for those times when you're just not having it, here are the 10 best Blair Waldorf comebacks to get you through them.

1. When people are saying all the wrong things:

2. Or, take a simpler response:

3. When people think they can outshine you:

4. And when someone tries to pull one over on you:

5. When someone thinks they're above you:

6. When someone tells you you're being too mean:

7. When you're just too angry for words:

8. When someone's intruding on your plans:

9. When someone's droning on:

10. And, finally, when people forget just who you are: