Growing up some are lucky to get a bedroom all to themselves, yet others are stuck sharing it -- maybe with a sibling, or a crazy relative. No matter the case, a roommate when you first move away is different.

Before moving to college I had roommates from church camps, ballet events and other group related ordeals. To be honest, I wasn’t nervous to get my first real roommate like some are. I thought I had it covered. Well turns out there were some surprises, but it was these unexpected events that made me fall more in love with this type of sharing. Imagine that, I like sharing ... weird.

I was super blessed to get a compatible roommate that was assigned to me randomly. I know that some have bad first roommate stories, or bad roommate experiences in general, but please believe that it isn’t always horrible.

This is especially true, if the connection between you and your roommate has the right chemistry. If this is the case, you might miss their company when you move back home.

Having a roommate has a lot of benefits that often are taken for granted. I have come to the realization that, I miss my roommate! Here are some reasons why.

1. Someone to eat with.

Hungry but no one can make it to dinner with you? Catch up you’re your roommate via text or ask them when you pass each-other in your room. Most likely they will want to eat with someone too. Back at home I am sometime stuck with my dog as company. Not as fun!

2. Late night talks.

Both my roommate and I were night owls, so late night talks were not out of the question. These were always the nights where we learned more about each-other, and had many laughs. Living at home in a room by myself is lonelier now. The only person to talk to is myself, and I'm not that crazy!

3. Give each other advice.

From clothing, boys, to Instagram posts, a second opinion is always nice. You never know, your roommate might see something that you don't! They also might have experience and wisdom that you can learn from.

4. Someone to help you out when you are in trouble.

Roommates are good for a lot of things, this includes picking up from the airport. Having a backup taxi is nice, but they are also good for helping. After all, they are only a phone call away. It is nice to know that you have an emergency contact besides your mom (Don't worry, you didn't get replaced mom!).

5. Borrowing and sharing.

Some roommates share clothing, but my roommate and I mostly shared food. Either way it is nice to know that sharing really can mean caring. Back at home I get stuck sharing with my sister. Which isn't all that bad, except for how difficult she makes it.

6. Same age, so you have things in common.

We connected with childhood memories like the original Disney princess movies and current social media. Bonding also occurred with funny vines, dancing to popular songs, and of course, mimicking the sweet dance moves that this little girl is rocking (watch me whip, and watch me nae nae!).

7. Inside jokes.

This naturally seems to happen between good friends, but something is different when you have a joke with your roommate. I make due by messaging her funny things that she would appreciate. No shame! Lol!

8. You meet new people.

A lot of times you get to know people through friends that you have, and the same goes with a roommate. You meet their homies and sometimes hangout with them. But sometimes you are not so good with names and neither are they. When seen out of the context of the dorm room, it might take a second to click who they are. Don't worry it goes both ways, and most of the time it is awkward for both sides!

9. Keeps you accountable.

I have never been bad at wearing my retainer at night or flossing, but there was room for improvement. By having a roommate I found that I remembered these little tasks more. We both did it, so I guess it served as a reminder when one of us would complete the task. Thank you roomie!

10. Wakes you up when you fall asleep on accident.

This is a classic one. Your roommate might not be much help for this if they are not there, but telling them stories about it is always a highlight. There is noting worse than reading a chapter for lecture the next day and waking up in the morning to find drool on the pages. Not good for you or for the resale of the book!

8:10's are harder some mornings than others, and to have someone wake up for one time to time is awesome. Especially for those mornings where your alarm decides to stay asleep too!

Being home and having a room to myself make me question two things: what am I going to do with so much space, and when can I have a roommate again?