Some people think moving in with your significant other before marriage will only lead to disaster.

However, I think the exact opposite.

If you see a future with your significant other, why not move in with them?

Sure, there's a time and a place for everything, so there's no need to rush the living together part of a relationship. But, it's actually a great idea if you see yourself going long term with your boyfriend.

Living with your boyfriend truly shows if you two are made to last.

You'll learn so much more about who they are, and what they're made of.

You'll learn their bad habits, their good habits, their disgusting habits, and their frustrating habits.

Living with your significant other will be the true test of your relationship.

If you both can survive each other's bad morning breath, awkward sleeping habits, and messiness, it will allow you to realize that maybe what you have is real and long-lasting.

I mean, how much of a rude awakening would it be if you got married and then realized you cannot stand your boyfriend when he sleeps?

Living with your significant other before marriage is a smart way to ensure that you and your partner are compatible and won't end up resenting each other's weird tendencies down the road.

Plus, how cool would it be to wake up every morning next to the person you love?

If you've been thinking about moving in with your significant other for a while now, I suggest doing it.

Don't be scared, because living with the one you love is so rewarding.

Besides, in the case that you both realize you can't stand each other, then at least you have a chance to move on from each other before considering marriage.

Everyone wins in the end.