In today's culture, everyone is inspired to work hard. Most millennials have multiple jobs, go to school, or are even raising a family. Although all of these things are great and a good work ethic is important, people are forgetting that in order to thrive, they must take time for themselves.

When a person is overworking themselves, it can be hard to find any free time to focus on improving who they are as an individual. They constantly claim that they have no time, and can only focus on paying the bills, getting good grades, and providing for their family.

They keep going in circles, telling themselves that the next day off, they will do something they love or take time to relax.

It's a never ending cycle, and a lot of people begin to feel burnt out and unmotivated.


The simple answer: they're not taking time to reflect on themselves as individuals or giving themselves space from the things that are drowning them.

Instead of kicking back and allowing for a quiet moment, they find themselves focused on the actions of others or trying to get stressful things done that are eating away at them.

So here's some advice for the overworked millennial that is struggling to find their peace:

1. On your day off, go out and do something you love by yourself. Whether that's going to a baseball game, getting a manicure, or even just reading that novel you've had on your bookshelf for months, these things will make you feel more in tune with yourself.

2. Take some space and time away from those you love. Spending quality time with others can definitely make you happy and improve your relationships, but you have to give yourself space in order to thrive.

3. Pick up a new hobby that you've always admired, and let yourself learn it at your own pace.

These actions may seem minimal, but after one day of spending time with yourself, you'll feel a million times better. You will feel well rested, in tune with your own thoughts, and a lot less stressed about the world spinning around you.

Take this time to improve who you are as a person, and reflect one where you're at in life, and where you want to be.

You can't get better if you're always stuck in the same spot.