Zong Internet Packages
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Zong Internet Packages

Everything you need to know about Zong Internet Packages 3G & 4G

zong internet packages

Zong Daily Internet Bundles

There are three different types of package plans available from Zong Daily Net. Any consumer can choose from a variety of packages based on their needs and data requirements.

The Zong daily net kit is designed for users who do not use the internet on a regular basis. These users only use the Zong Daily Internet Kit to download a small amount of data. The full details of the Zong net kit can be found here.

Zong provides data packages that are accessible to the general public. It also offers its customers valuable services and low-cost deals. All group members can afford Zong's call, SMS, and internet packages.

Some social deals, such as Unlimited Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media access, are specifically made for social media addicts. Above is a full list of all Zong internet packages with activation codes.

Super Student Bundle

The Super Student Bundle is designed for students in particular. Data and call systems for minimum charges are provided for the package.

Sometimes students need some MBs or need to download something immediately to browse everything related to their assignment. This package, therefore, meets your requirements.

Daytime Bundle

Within that pack, the Zong Day Time Offer allows users to get 1200 MB all day. Now at all times of the day, you can keep in contact with family and friends. Here is how to register for the Daytime Offer of Zong.

Perfect Package

The perfect plane is a unique campaign that offers customers both the best and the most economical advantages. The Zong perfect package includes the All Together kit, as it comprises free minutes, SMS, MMS, and the Internet, including only Rs. 12 taxes.

Data Max Bundle

Well, you can enjoy the comfort of unlimited data for an entire day with the Zong Daily Data Max Offer. You get 500 MB of 4G web for only Rs. 35 plus tax.

Daily Shandaar Package

Zong Shandaar Daily Offer is a hybrid Zong package for an affordable price, all available in a single package. It's not a new offer.

Zong has revised this offer. Now that you subscribe to this offer, you will get unlimited online minutes, 800 SMSs, and 50 MB of mobile data. For those interested in this offer, this offer may be used in Rs. 14 + tax only.

Full Gup Offer

The price of the package is just 5 Rs. It has 30 Zong mobile, 100 SMS-free and 75 minutes on-line. This offer is available 24 hours a day.

Sixer Plus Bundle

Sixer plus is a promo agreement designed to meet immediate requirements. This agreement helps you meet all your needs at a low rate. You can speak to anyone and send unlimited SMS messages without secret or extra charge for an indeterminate amount of time.

Zong is known for offering its customers the most affordable plans and this is demonstrated by the Sixer plus Deal. Activate an unlimited plan for Zong WhatsApp.

Flutter Offer

With an all Zong Flutter package, you'll receive 120 online minutes, 120 calls and 50 MB Internet data. You can also talk to everybody in the Zong family as you like, contact as many people as you like throughout the day.

Email them to keep up to date with the latest information at any time of day or night. All these are only available for Rs. 12, so use them now.

Good Night Plan

The Zong Good Night Service is valid only for a short period of time (1 Day). Only RS. 16 including the Zong Daily Internet Package tax. You will receive 2.5 GB of Internet data (1:00 to 9:00 AM) for one day immediately following your subscription.

You are able to get a bundle of internet MBs to browse, social media applications, and YouTube for Rs. 16+Tax = by subscribing to that Zong Good Night Offer.

All-in-one Daily Offer

This package is designed for users who need both on-net and off-net minutes, SMS, and MBS at the same time. This multi-benefit bundle includes 40 minutes on-net and four minutes off-net. This bundle also contains 40MB of internet data and 400 SMS.

This plan costs just twenty rupees. You can activate this kit by dialing *6464#. There are also other Zong net packages with one-day validity that can be subscribed to and used for social media and internet surfing.

Twitter Bundle

This plan is the perfect fit for you if you enjoy social media and need Twitter access at a low cost. This bundle is available for just 2 rupees, tax included. You get 20MB of Twitter data with this kit.

To activate this offer, simply dial *6464#. After the expiration of this kit, you will be paid an additional fee for any additional use.

Basic 4G Plan

Zong's regular simple 4g internet subscription provides access to the internet for a full 24 hours. When the time limit is reached, this deal will immediately expire. This offer is available for just 15 rupees. On a daily basis, it provides 100 MB of data for internet browsing.

Social Pack

Daily Social Pack is a great deal for those who want to keep in contact with family and friends via social media. This deal allows you to use WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter for just 10 rupees, tax-free. To trigger this bid, dial *6464#.

Hello Offer

Zong Hello Package is an excellent Zong network offer. The bundle's membership fee is 12 Rs plus tax. It is valid for 1 day, 50 MB, 150 Free SMS, and 100 zong to zong minutes. You can easily subscribe with your Zong Hello Zong Sim by using the reading directions.

3G Classified Internet Bundle

The 50MB 3G categorized internet kit costs $50. The expense is just RS 5. For the next 24 hours after subscribing to the kit, this data can be used to access the internet. This bundle is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Facebook Bundle

It's now easy to use Facebook continuously without pausing. Zong's regular Facebook internet package costs Rs. 5 and enables customers to use Facebook for one day. This kit has a 50MB data cap.

This deal will never expire at 12 a.m.; instead, it will expire 24 hours after you subscribe. This deal cannot be reactivated before 24 hours if you have used your 50MB in one day.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong still provides its valued customers with valuable and affordable internet packages. This extra effort makes Zong a more trustworthy and dependable business. Zong Weekly Internet Packages are similar to other Zong Internet Packages.

The above-mentioned list of Zong weekly package plans, which we will go through in-depth below. Each package contains enough MBS to last a week. Customers are taken care of by Zong, which offers competitive package plans. Scroll down to find the weekly package schedule that best fits your needs.

Weekly deals come with enough MBS to last a whole week without running out. A user has seven days to download and upload data. The cost of these packages is reasonable and appealing to consumers.

Shandaar Offer

Customers can use the Shandaar Haftawar SEVEN DAY offer to get fast Internet, Zong to Zong minutes, SMS, and other network minutes.

Customers will get 500 MBs of lightning-fast Internet, 500 Zong to Zong minutes, 500 SMS, and 40 other network minutes for a week at a very low price of Rs 120+Tax with Shandaar Haftawar.

Haftawar Load Offer

Zong Haftawar Load isn't really a new deal. The organization has, however, modified its incentives. The package includes on-net and off-net minutes, SMS, and MBs. This offer is valid for a recharge of Rs. 250.

Users of Zong can take advantage of this deal by dialing a USSD code. Furthermore, as the name implies, it is a weekly deal. Users will get 3000 SMS, Zong-Zong minutes, MBs, and 80 minutes to call other networks with this deal.

Premium Plan

This premium internet plan includes 7 days of internet data. This bundle has a maximum of 700 MBs for the next 7 days. These MBs can be used to search the internet, watch videos on YouTube, or browse data on any browser. To subscribe to this package, dial *6464# and follow the menu instructions.

Online Net Package

Zong's online weekly bundle is tailored for users who are frequent internet data users who need constant access to the internet. This deal offers 2500 MBs of internet data for the next seven days, which is a large amount of data for every user.

This deal satisfies the needs of unique internet users. If you accept and want to take advantage of this deal, dial *6464# and follow the on-screen instructions.

Super 4G Bundle

Zong's mega Weekly bundle costs just 100 Rs and provides 2GB of internet data for 7 days. This bundle is for you if you are a regular user who wants the maximum number of MBs for one week.

By dialing *6464# from your phone, you can unlock this Zong 4g internet deal at any time. Enable the super weekly 4g internet bundle by following the instructions.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

.Zong usually offers three different internet packages. It provides three separate internet packages: a one-day, a weekly, and a monthly internet package. Monthly internet packages from Zong are perfect for users who need internet data on a regular basis.

They should sign up for a monthly internet plan to avoid having to pay for several subscriptions. In the monthly internet package portion, there are many packages to choose from, each with a different time period and price. A user can browse through all of Zong packages and choose one that suits their data needs.

Good Night Monthly Offer

At night, everyone's full user is available to communicate with their friends and family. The Zong Good night offer is ideal for users who want to stay in touch with their loved ones late at night. This deal will make your nights with your mates more enjoyable. To activate this package, type Good Night in your text area and send it to 6464.

Shandaar Monthly Package

Enable the package and receive 1000 zong minutes for all Pakistan's other networks and 100 off-network minutes. Get the fastest internet 1000 SMS and 1 GB (1000 MB) monthly. In only PKR 300+ tax all these additions to initiating.

SIM Lagao Offer

In order to receive the Zong Sim Lagao discount in March 2021, Zong subscribers will have to reactivate their Zong Sim. It hasn't been used over the last 30 days. Type in your phone your Zong Sim to open the bid.

Take the head of the Rs. SMS and 4G internet 4000 MB when you dial *2244# enjoy with 60 minutes for 50 minutes FREE Zong 6000 minutes.

All-in-One Monthly Pack

The monthly Zong subscriber receives a number of advantages. This is the truth: if you subscribe to a monthly kit, you will never have the same difficulties as regular subscribers because you will not need to activate your bundle after one day.

If you have a monthly package, you are free to use internet data for the next 30 days. Just 1500 Rs. gets you 1500 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, and 1500 MBs of internet data with the All in One Monthly bundle. If you're interested in this kit, dial *6464# and follow the prompts to take advantage of this bid.

Daytime 3G Offer

This is a one-day-only mega-contract. During the day, you can get 1GB of 3G internet access. Customers on both prepaid and postpaid plans are eligible for this deal. The length of this deal is from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Now, using this deal, you begin browsing the internet and updating your Facebook status during this time period. To activate this bid, write Day Time in your text message and send it to 6464.

Zong IMO Offer

A Monthly 2GB IMO offer Zong IMO gives you. Compose *466# and enjoy all IMO features in Pakistan anywhere. So make IMO video and voice calls on just Rs. 50+tax to any network. Download the Zong IMO Offer for more details.

Supreme Offer

The Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offers to offer 20 GB of the Internet including 10 GB of YouTube, 5000 zong to zong minutes, 5,000 SMS, and 300 others all over the network only in the capacity of Rs 1000.

Zong brings an exciting package, namely The supreme Punjab offer shall be valid for one month. You can view YouTube, use Facebook, WhatsApp and Google as you want by signing up for this deal.

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