What 'Gossip Girl' Character You Are
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What 'Gossip Girl' Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Manhattan's socialites are known for scandal, so here is the inside scoop on their horoscopes.

What 'Gossip Girl' Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Gossip Girl" gave us insight into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. The socialites have the ability to scheme, plot, and overachieve. They appear perfect and pristine on the outside, but inside there are secrets and lies.

There are many folds to astrology, a horoscope is more than just one simple sign. This is why most people say that they do not associate perfectly to their specific sign. When looking at a horoscope one of the most important parts to review is their rising and moon sign.

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Your rising sign is the sign that was rising in the east when you were born. This can be known as your second sign or your secret identity. Your sun sign is your birthday, which is typically how people classify their horoscope. It is much more than just that, there are multiple parts of a horoscope that are important. For example, the moon sign is all about your emotions. The sign that it is in takes on those characteristics. It explains how a person might react or feel to a situation. After carefully analyzing each character, here are the basic characters zodiac charts of "Gossip Girl."

Serena Van der Woodsen: Libra with Sagittarius rising.

Serena Van der Woodsen is a known Manhattan socialite, who can't quite pin down what she wants in life. She lures men in with her magnetic charm and art of seduction, which is a typical Libra trait. She always has a good idea of good vs. bad, and justice. Everyone likes a Libra girl, and Serena is definitely that stereotype. She often puts herself in other people's Louis Vuitton's to see their point of view. She is known to love a good party and has a wild side. Serena also loves to travel which gives her that Sagittarius edge. She is rather indecisive whenever faced with a tough choice, this makes her an obvious Libra. Her elegant taste in fashion has only furthered her status.

Blair Waldorf: Scorpio with Capricorn rising and an Aries moon.

Blair Waldorf is an elitist on the Upper East Side. She prides herself on her abilities to scheme and plot against anyone who wants to take her down. Her ability to climb social ladders with an ease has an heir of Capricorn. She dominates and dedicates herself to any projects she begins. Blair also has a way with her reputation, she likes to protect it and make sure that she looks good in the spotlight which is both Capricorn and Scorpio. Blair has a tendency to become selfish at times, which gives her the Aries moon. Aries moons often live in the moment, cause drama to keep her life interesting, and gets their way.

Chuck Bass: Taurus with Scorpio rising and Aquarius moon.

Chuck is a Manhattan bad boy, who pines and schemes over how to consistently win Blair Waldorf. Chuck always worms his way into people's lives by plotting carefully. Taurus likes the finer things in life, like wine, women, and expensive suits. Chuck Bass prides himself on his ability to gain all of these assets by the touch of a button. He is a Scorpio rising because he can scheme and plot with Blair, but only like a professional. I give him the Aquarius moon because he is often aloof, doesn't like feelings, and has a problem with emotional detachment.

Nathaniel Archibald: Virgo with Gemini rising and a Cancer moon.

Nate is a Manhattan elitist who has a family with a troubled past. His father was arrested for embezzlement and his mother is rather detached to the whole situation. Nate is known to get in and out of relationships quickly and get involved with troubled women who need his shoulder to cry on. His devotion to his partner gives him the Virgo sun. He has a Gemini rising due to the fact that he can't ever keep a secret. His Cancer moon comes from the idea that he has a kind heart and a sensitive mind. He seems to be in touch with his emotions every time something goes wrong.

Daniel Humphrey: Pisces with a Gemini rising and a Leo moon.

Daniel is a Pisces because he is deeply emotional, producing quality writing and passion while still being under wraps. He has an ability to be an outsider, which is a stereotypical Pisces. They are known to have an introspective view, which explains the fame of his novel,"Inside." He fools a lot of people throughout the series, he can be one person during the day and another at night. The Leo moon comes from the idea that he so badly wants to fit in with Serena's friends and family. His big-heartedness is also a very Leo trait. He often lets his emotions take control which can be a Pisces/Leo combination.

Georgina Sparks: Gemini with Scorpio rising and a Scorpio moon.

Georgina is the evilest of them all, but it is only because she is so intelligent. Like a Gemini her ability to keep a poker face while scheming behind her back is stereotypical. She loves social settings and enjoys a good game. This is where Scorpio comes in, her ability to be a mastermind is only the creation of a Gemini/Scorpio. This is why I believe she has both a rising sign and moon in Scorpio. She has to have a trifecta of signs in order to become that level of villain.

Vanessa Abrams: Aquarius with Gemini rising.

Vanessa is a wannabe from the Bronx. She has problems with some of the Upper East Side kids, but she always remains true to herself. This gives her the Aquarius trait, as she is also artistic and innovative. She has a problem keeping secrets but and begins some scheming tactics, convincing people she isn't who she says she is. This gives her Gemini qualities.

Jenny Humphrey: Leo with Aries rising.

Jenny is from Brooklyn and is Dan's sister. She rises into many roles of social status and loves the attention. She wants to be in fashion and enjoys the high life. At times, she can be self-absorbed and only looking out for number one. Often throwing immature temper tantrums and storming off. This gives her the childish combination of a Leo and Aries. She just wants to be admired and recognized by the Upper East Side, and will stop at nothing to get it. This is typical of a strong Leo woman, who often lets the fame and fortune get to her head. Also, she has a great head of hair!

Lilly Van der Woodsen: Capricorn with Libra rising.

Lilly is Serena's mother and is a Manhattan socialite who has had too many husbands and a lot of publicity. She will stop at nothing to protect her perfect exterior presence within her small community. When she fell from grace, her reputation suffered which killed her spirit. Also being so adamant on protecting her daughter's reputation as a reflection of her own. Even if that means sacrificing herself later, this is telltale Capricorn. Her workaholic traits while handling Bass industries also shows Capricorn traits. However, she remains a socialite who enjoys parties and elitism. This gives her the Libra rising. She enjoys the finer things in the Upper East Side and probably wouldn't give up her fabulous life for anything.

Rufus Humphrey: Cancer with Pisces rising.

Rufus is the father of Jenny and Daniel, he was a superstar who gave up his career to raise his children after his divorce. He plays both mom and dad throughout the series. This gives him the Cancer sun because he is always the dad to go to. Even for kids that aren't his own, he was always opening his home and advice. His Pisces edge is due to the fact that he is emotional and introspective, probably where Daniel gets it. Some of the most creative and successful musicians were, in fact, Pisces.

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