Which 'Friends' Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which 'Friends' Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Whatever you are, we know you'll always be there for your friends.


Every "Friends" fan knows that all 6 friends have both amazing and not-so-great qualities to them. Nevertheless, we love them all despite their flaws. Find out which friend you're most like based on the strengths and weaknesses of your zodiac sign.

1. Joey


Aries, Gemini

Your strengths: Like Joey, you're loyal, caring, and always there for your best friends. You are confident in yourself and always bring those around you up, as well.

Your weaknesses: Also like Joey, you can be impulsive, impatient, and pretty indecisive. But, at the end of the day, you tend to know to do what's right.

2. Phoebe


Cancer, Pisces

Your strengths: You are extremely compassionate, sympathetic, and loyal. Not to mention, the creative side you have shines in the most unique ways, maybe even in the form of a song about a smelly cat!

Your weaknesses: Your endless loyalty can lead you to over trust others, which can sometimes let you down. Also, your suspicions towards others causes you to manipulate your friends in the most unnecessary times.

3. Ross


Taurus, Virgo

Your strengths: As Ross is in "Friends," you are probably the most level-headed and stable in your friend group. Your actions are based on logic, and you work hard to achieve your goals - whether it be chasing the girl of your dreams (even if you mess up while you're on a break) or going through times of insanity to advance in your career.

Your weaknesses: Your hardworking personality sometimes makes you uncompromising and overly critical of yourself and your friends. You also tend to shy away easily. Finally, because you are so focused on achieving your goals, you can be possessive over them once you get them.

4. Rachel


Leo, Aquarius

Your strengths: Your friends adore you for your warm heart, originality, and passion. Like Rachel, you aren't afraid to be independent and original, even if that means starting your whole life over. And of course, you always have a smile on your face no matter what's going on.

Your weaknesses: Your cheerful spirit can cause you to be just a bit aloof, at times. Also, you strive to be your absolute best which leads some people to believe that you are self-centered.

5. Chandler


Scorpio, Sagittarius

Your strengths: Along with your witty sense of humor, you really are the epitome of a true friend. In addition, you are great at whatever you set your mind to because of your resourcefulness, courage, and idealistic mindset (even if that means staying in the office until the WENUS is complete and correct)!

Your weaknesses: You can be a little insecure, which causes you to be jealous and distrustful of the people who you are closest to.

6. Monica


Libra, Capricorn

Your strengths: We all know Monica is known for her discipline, responsibility, and leadership. Like her, you love to manage situations, and frankly, are great at it thanks to your self-control, graciousness, and slight OCD.

Your weaknesses: Since everything always has to be perfect, you tend to hold grudges and be unforgiving. However, you are smart and you know how to overlook things, too. Additionally, people sometimes call you a know-it-all because of your confidence in yourself to do everything.

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