Every Sign's Most Toxic Trait In A Relationship
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Every Zodiac Sign's Most Toxic Relationship Habit

Time to check your boyfriend's birth chart.

Every Zodiac Sign's Most Toxic Relationship Habit

Whether you're a die-hard astrology fan or just casually check your horoscope for some free entertainment, most of us know there's a lot to be said in the stars. One of the most commonly researched areas when it comes to astrology is relationships—is anyone else guilty of Google searching compatibility charts as soon as they find out their new boo's sign? I know I'm guilty, and I will willingly admit I let the stars play a huge role in my love life.

Unfortunately, not everything written in the stars is great. There can be a major dark side. No sign is perfect, in fact, we all have some pretty toxic traits. Here are the most toxic trait each sign holds in a relationship.

1. Aries - No patience.

Relationships require patience. You need to be willing to wait on your partner, whether it's for them to show up to a date or to alter their mindset on a topic. However, Aries are known for having little to no patience. They'll get upset if you're late to dinner and don't have the understanding in their personality to wait on you to come around, which may ultimately be their fault.

2. Taurus - Their stubbornness.

Ah, one of the most cliche of all zodiac stereotypes—the Taurus and their stubbornness. However, it's true! Taurus are very my way or no way type of people, which is bound to cause some conflict in their relationships. Once a Taurus gets their mind set on something, there's no way to get them to budge.

3. Gemini - Their anxiety.

Geminis have twin personalities, and balancing that can leave them an anxious mess. They overthink and get easily overwhelmed, which may quickly lead to trouble in paradise. Loving a Gemini means understanding their overthinking, overreacting, and all of the bad days.

4. Cancer - Their extreme mood swings.

One minute, a Cancer can be completely on cloud nine and as happy as can be and the next they could be yelling in your face. It's rough. Dealing with this happy one moment, upset the next personality can be a struggle. Cancers feel everything very intensely, which can be a good thing in many different elements, however, loving an overly emotional partner who swings like crazy can quickly cause problems.

5. Leo - How dramatic they are.

Ah, Leo. The ultimate drama queen. All of a Leo's emotions are very intensified, which means the highs and lows of a relationship can never be just that. They're much more intense. This can be a good thing (kind of...) when a Leo is in love, but it can also quickly turn very toxic when they're so immersed in the relationship they can't breathe.

6. Virgo - Their need to be in control.

If you like a balance between control in a relationship, don't date a Virgo. They like to pull all the ropes and keep the power, which can leave their partners feeling very powerless.

7. Libra - Manipulation.

Libras can be quite the charmer, and they know exactly how to use that charm to get exactly what you want. Ever have that old fling that seems to always convince you to come over even when you don't want to? Check their birth chart, because they're probably a Libra. Libras know exactly how to use their sweet words to get you on their side.

8. Scorpio - Jealousy.

Scorpio experiences love very deeply, much more deeply than many of the other signs. However, that means they're also experiencing the dark side of love deeply as well. If you're dating a Scorpio, you best believe any opposite-sex friend of yours will have them feeling highly jealous, and we all know how damaging jealousy can be to a relationship.

9. Sagittarius - Their immaturity.

If you can't be with someone who doesn't know how to grow up, don't date a Sagittarius. They're very goofy and young-minded, meaning they typically approach relationships in an immature way. Good luck with that one.

10. Capricorn - Being conceited.

High maintenance is an understatement when it comes to a Capricorn. They have very high standards. Capricorns always think that they are right and can be quite the conceited sign. Being enough for a Capricorn can be a struggle in itself, and staying enough can also be quite the challenge.

11. Aquarius - Selfishness.

Aquarius are known for being very selfish people. They think of themselves first in nearly every situation. An Aquarius partner needs to take the lead and be able to think of themselves and their own problems before the relationship's problems, and if they don't have the freedom to do this, there may quickly be trouble brewing.

12. Pisces - Their tendency to lie.

Pisces have a difficult time telling the difference between a fantasy they've created and reality. More often than not, Pisces are known as the "pathological liar" sign. Pisces can typically come up with some pretty good stories, so these lies won't even be little. They'll be full-blown fantasies. Good luck knowing the truth if you are with a Pisces.

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