Gen-Zers And Millennials Are Drinking More During The Pandemic
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Gen-Zers And Millennials Are Drinking More During The Pandemic

Are you drinking more, too?

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Have you noticed that you're drinking a lot more than you used to during the Pandemic? You're not alone.

I too in recent weeks have noticed that I'm drinking more than normal, and earlier in the day. I've started having a glass of wine with lunch a few days a week, something I never used to do. Although, a recent Odyssey survey shows that most Americans are starting to drink between 4 and 8 pm.

My fiance and I have started to drink more on the weekends too. Starting around 5 we will make our favorite drinks. Mine is a classic Mojito and his is usually whiskey. Friends of ours have been doing hangouts on Zoom or House Party. We have been playing a lot more board games and even broke out our old Wii system.

The Odyssey survey found that couples quarantined together averaged 3 drinks a day. Wine has been a drink of choice in our house, my favorite. Which, according to this survey was the most popular drink of choice for people age 21-30.

Why are we all drinking more during the pandemic? Well for me I think its because I have a lot less to do. Also because I do not have to get up early in the morning for class which means I can sleep in a little during the week. That has always been a huge deterrent to drinking for me.

Another interesting thing the survey uncovered was that 82% of respondents are still going to the grocery store to get their alcohol. This makes sense since that's the only place many people are leaving their houses to go. However, this is hurting some small businesses and wineries because they're losing out on sales. So if you can, try getting your alcohol from small businesses. Many small businesses are offering contactless pick up or even shipping right to your door.

No matter where you choose to get your quarantine supply of alcohol, please do it safely. And remember that just because you're drinking more, it in NO way substitutes for wearing a mask, social distancing, and sanitizing/washing your hands. Stay safe out there!

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