You've Never Heard Of These 11 Bathing Suit Brands
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You've Never Heard Of These 11 Bathing Suit Brands

Get shopping and get swimming!

You've Never Heard Of These 11 Bathing Suit Brands
Angelina Litvin

Sure, summer is swiftly sweeping out of our lives and leaving us tear-streaked and clad in autumn garb. However, my lust for bathing suits persists through the fall months as I am to continue partaking in many water-based activities demanding a stylish suit. Over the summer, I've become bored with some of the more popular bathing suit companies and have subsequently been drawn to the lesser known names with some killer styles. Here are 11 of my favorite swimwear brands.

1. Midori

Sport Midori if you want to reveal your inner surfer chick (and reveal your cheekiness).

2. Indah

3. Greenlines

Technically, Greenlines doesn't sell women's bathing suits. But they have a stellar selection of board shorts for men, women and children.

4. Jolyn

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]If you're active in the water -- an avid swimmer, paddle boarder, etc. -- opt for Jolyn's sporty yet stylish vibes.

5. Out From Under

You probably are familiar with this gem without even knowing it. This is Urban Outfitter's primary swimwear line

6. Cali Dreaming

This company has simple yet chic styles.

7. L *Space

L *Space is a well known swimwear brand, but often forgotten.

8. Vitamin A

9. For Love and Lemons

Okay, you for sure know this brand. But from personal experience, I never thought of it as a swimwear company.

10. Acacia

11. San Lorenzo

...For when you're feeling wild

So now that you have a whole slew of new swimwear lines to check out, get shoppin' and get swimmin'.

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