An Open Letter To The High School Senior Who Just Got Accepted To Ball State
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Student Life

An Open Letter To The High School Senior Who Just Got Accepted To Ball State

You've been accepted, you've made your choice, now what comes next?

An Open Letter To The High School Senior Who Just Got Accepted To Ball State
Nichole Doty

Congrats on getting into Ball State! I bet you can't wait to be Chrip Chirpin' all around campus (seriously, don't do that). Regardless, times are tough, and this might not be the acceptance that you wanted. Whether you have visited before or are doing a virtual tour online, let me show you the ropes and reinforce your decision as being one of the best that you'll make.

The best and the worst: Ball State dorms

Duane A Dart

Believe it or not, basically every dorm at Ball State is a gem! Personally, I lived in Studebaker West for two years before I decided to move out and get an off-campus apartment. It had a nice dining hall downstairs, was a close walk to campus, and had nice amenities. Studebaker East, Park, and Kinghorn are the nicest residence halls on campus. Ball State puts you with your LLC, though, so I'm not sure if you get to choose a dorm your first year. Whatever you do, you don't want it to be Woodworth (no AC) or LaFallette.

Muncie, Indiana...


Outside of Ball State, Muncie can be a pretty place to explore. Between downtown Muncie having all of your shopping needs, to exploring town, to every restaurant you could possibly imagine, Muncie has a good mix between being a college town and being just a small town in the middle of Indiana. If you want to support your local shops, downtown Muncie is the place to go. If you're on campus with no car, even taking a trip to the village and visiting Chava's or splurging at Queer Chocolatier Chocolate House will have you loving Muncie.

We're all really wondering: Where is the best place to eat?

Nichole Doty

This one is complex to break down.

If you're on campus, you'll want to eat at the Atrium, Woodworth, or Noyer. For food such as Starbucks or Taco Bell, the Student Center is where you'll want to be. Personally, the Atrium is always so busy. Although they have Papa Johns and Chick-fil-A, the wait sometimes isn't worth it. Woodworth is nice for the days they have tacos or Chinese. If you love said, Woodworth is where you want to eat! I personally like Noyer the best because they have a little bit of everything, between the pizza, sandwiches, or hot home-cooked meals, Noyer was always my go to. Many dorms have their own type of convenience shop, though, so if you're feeling lazy you can always grab something in your own building!

As for restaurants slightly off campus, they have everything you could possibly imagine. Fast food and sit-down restaurants are everywhere. Personally, being in Muncie is the only town I've ever seen a Rally's, and I do not regret any time I've been there. If you're looking to slightly go off campus, yet still in walking distance, everyone loves Chava's, but I really love Roots. They even have free popcorn instead of chips and salsa. Go Roots!

I wouldn't know this yet, but I've heard some things...

Brothers Bar & Grill

I am not legally able to drink, yet. (18 days can't come sooner). Despite this, one of the most popping places to drink, when you legally can, has to be Brothers. Participate in mug club and have a blast! Go for the two dollar burgers, stay for the drinks. Besides Brothers, they do have the Chug, which I would assume would be an equal of value bar (don't come for me, I really don't know).

Don't miss out on Homecoming

Nichole Doty

At Ball State, Homecoming is taken very seriously. I would think most people stay for the tailgate and go home before the game, but sharing the pride in your school and supporting them in the game can still be a blast, too! I've never seen something as serious as Homecoming week at Ball State, and it's fun as heck. Whether you're partying or participating in the Homecoming week festivities, the best way to show your school spirit is to attend events that are hosted. Between the Parade, Bed Race, or the amazing talent presented at Air Jam, some of the best memories you will make is showing your school pride and celebrating Ball State during homecoming week.

Typical Indiana Weather, but slightly nicer.

Nichole Doty

I am a NWI girl. I am so close to the boarder of Illinois and Michigan that more times than not the weather is always nicer in Muncie than it is back at home. One major tip: pack rain boots. One major con about Ball State is in some areas of campus the drainage system really sucks, so you'll want to pack rain boots. I am going to be a senior this upcoming fall and I still don't have rain boots and I regret it every time. Besides that, Muncie is typically nicer than pretty much anywhere northern in the state. We live in Indiana after all, though, so expect to pack for what the typical weather is like throughout the state. Snow one day, seventy-degree weather the next, pack accordingly.

Ball State: The Harvard of Muncie.

Nichole Doty

No better saying has ever been described than from David Letterman himself when describing his alma mater. Muncie may have some areas of concern, but when you really explore, you'll begin to love Muncie. One piece of advice, don't go to Ball State expecting IUPUI or IUB, because you're just setting yourself up. Don't let that discourage you from sealing the deal on the best choice of your life.

No matter why you made your choice, be glad you made it. Ball State is a beautiful campus with so much to offer. I am sad that my four years is coming to a quick end. When I think back on my time at Ball State, I think back on the knowledge I have gained, the friends I have made, and the experiences of a lifetime that I wouldn't trade for the world. Between the ease of walking from one edge of campus to another, to passing the Frog Baby and smiling everyday, one thing is for certain: cherish your time at Ball State. Don't let it slip by you. Walk to Jimmy John's at two in the morning. Play in the snow. Wake up early and watch the Homecoming Parade. Ball State has given so much to me, and I can't wait to see what it does for you.

Chirp Chirp.

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