Intro videos are very important starting part of a video. It is very important to create an intro that is according to your brand. Intro videos tell the viewer what your brand is about and what type of videos he can expect from you. Intros are not only about showing your brand but you can also use intro as simple as a logo, or a hook that keeps your audience watching.

Youtube Video Intro

Youtube is one of the biggest platform for creators that has millions of videos on it. It is very good marketing practice that a brand or an individual use an intro on his videos for branding purposes.

Creating an intro video in past was a very difficult task but nowadays it is very easy because there are many Intro Making Computer Software's and Mobile apps available in the market that helps in creating intro for YouTube video.

Why Use Intro Makers

Intro Makers are very quick and easy to use software's that help you customize Intros without much efforts. You don't need much skills of video editing for using Intro Making software's.

Here I am listing a few Intro makers that you can use.

  • •Intro Maker
  • •IntroCave
  • •IntroChamp
  • •Renderforest
  • •Panzoid
  • •Tube Arsenal
  • •Biteable
  • •Filmora
  • •9.Flixpress
  • •Ivipid
  • •Wideo
  • •Videobolt
  • •Introbrand

You can even find more paid or free youtube intro maker by searching in google. There are many intro makers just use the one that is easy for you.

Here are some tips for creating a good Intro:

  • •Use your brand logo or your face or something interesting related to your brand
  • •Don't make it longer than 7-10 seconds
  • •Make it Unique and Engaging
  • •Tell your brand story in the intro

Buy Intro Online

If you are a busy person and don't have time for creating an intro you can hire someone online on freelancing platforms like fiverr or upwork. Many professionals are providing quality Video Intro creating services on these platforms. You can even buy premium blender Intro templates and just do a little editing and use them. It will only 2 minute of you.