Youtube Channels To Watch When You Are Bored

If you have watched all the shows you wanted to on Netflix, Hulu, or are just tired of TV, look no further for the most entertaining channels. Each of these channels has differing auras while all being very interesting and unique. If you aren't big on streaming Youtube videos, these channels are sure to change your mind.

1. Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

This Youtube channel is full of interesting content such as conspiracy theories, stories about famous crimes, supernatural events, and much more. Each video primarily focuses on one subject or event while densely incorporating as many facts as possible, making the viewing experience lively and interesting. Buzzfeed Unsolved Network is the account to watch if you don't mind a little bit of thrilling information and cliff hanger thoughts.

2. Indy Blue

If you prefer to sit back and live vicariously through other people aesthetically traveling around the world, Indy Blue's Youtube channel is your dream destination. Indy Blue is a young vlogger who not only composes funny realistic videos about traveling but also creates high definition videos with beautiful landscapes and destinations that make you want to go broke buying a plane ticket.

3. Vsauce

Vsauce is a Youtube channel that was created by Michael Stevens in which his soothing voice tackles strange questions and topics like human extinction or what would happen if the earth stopped spinning. The videos on the Vsauce channel cover a wide range of categories, which leave your mind blown and overthinking about big picture phenomenons.

4. What If

What If is a channel in which all of the videos discuss hypothetical situations using scientific theory and evidence. The "what if" question in each video ends with a conclusion that might not ever occur yet the audience becomes more knowledgeable due to the facts incorporated into each theory. This account is an entertaining way to expand your scientific and theoretical knowledge.

5.  Eve Cornwel

If your lazy day falls on a day where you have loads of summer work and studying to do, Eve Cornwell is a great Youtube channel to give you some inspiration to keep working. Eve Cornwell is a student who vlogs the process of trying to become a lawyer and the difficulties of being a student in general. If you need some tips or tricks to keep studying or just someone to relate to, this is the perfect channel for stressed students.

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