7 YouTube Channels to Ease the Stress of College
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7 YouTube Channels to Ease the Stress of College

When you just disconnect from the constant work.

7 YouTube Channels to Ease the Stress of College

There comes a point in everyone's college career where you just need a break. You need some time to not have anything to do with your biology lab report or your ten-page essay for sociology. One of my favorite ways to disconnect from my school life is to hide in my bed, away from my backpack and scattered homework papers, and just watch YouTube. Here are seven of my favorite YouTube channels to keep your mind off of school amidst the stress.

1. UNHhhh


Katya Zamolodchikova and Trixie Mattel talk viewers through a wide range of topics like dating, food, and the drag scene. No topic is out of question for these two to discuss, and they do so in a hilarious fashion. They each have great wit and hospitality and these videos will make you want to stay in bed all day and binge.

2. Buzzfeed Unsolved


Buzzfeed Unsolved mixes humor with real life unsolved cases that are both less known and very popular in the horror community. Shane and Ryan travel to supposedly haunted places around the country and use ghost hunting technology to uncover their ongoing question, "are ghosts real?" In some episodes they stray away from supernatural mysteries and focus on unsolved crimes and criminals, highlighting the important facts and people from each case.

3. The Infographics Show


The Infographics show is more kid-friendly, but some episodes highlight traumatic and life scarring events, so don't be deceived! It is one of the most informative shows I've ever seen and always sends me into a never-ending Wikipedia black hole. This show covers 'what would happen if...' scenarios, true stories of survival, the lives of serial killers, and attempts to answer the questions we all have that never seem to be answered, all with unique animation making it easier to understand.

4. Billy On The Street


Billy on the Street was eventually turned into a TV show, but most of the snippets and original videos still reside on YouTube. Billy Eichner hilariously runs through the streets of New York asking pop culture questions and playing rapid-fire game show rounds with people who are least expecting it. If there's one thing about Eichner, it's that he is an open book and will confidently bring up any subject to any person. He always knows what to say and has no filter, adding to the humor of this show.

5. Safiya Nygaard


Many can agree that Safiya Nygaard's content flourished when she left Buzzfeed a few years ago. With similar styles to the videos she was making there, her content now fits her interests and lifestyle. Nygaard takes viewers on the journey to finding her wedding dress, testing out fashion from different decades, being experimental with makeup, and everything in between. It's easy to fall into binging sessions when you're watching Safiya.

6. Cut


Cut is an entertainment channel that takes the awkward out of confrontation. There are videos like "My Mom and I Take a Lie Detector Test", "Guess My Sexual Orientation", and "Gay Men Decide Who is the Gayest." The channel isn't all fun and games though, as some serious light is shone through videos of conversations with immigrants about what other people think of them and how they deal with living in America in the current political climate.

7. Jubilee


Jubilee is similar to Cut. These videos usually present a controversial topic and have people weigh in from each perspective, judgement free. There are videos about teen pregnancy from the perspective of the mom, medical professionals discussing vaccinations, and the different types of universities/colleges told by students, to name a few. Some of the things mentioned have challenged my way of thinking so I suggest you check out some of their debate videos to get your brain thinking.

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