I feel like I've had endless conversations lately about relationships. Where there going, how there going, and why someone is or isn't in one. The conversations have been interesting to say the least.

More often than not, the young women I have talked to about relationships, have been feeling pressured. Pressured by others around them, by family members, by friends and on a broader spectrum, society in general. They have felt pressured to find someone and beat the ticking clock that they face each and everyday. To be in a relationship and to live "happily-ever-after." But, this pressure has become so immense, that these young women have begun to accept a "settlement." To overcome the pressure, to get rid of the ridicule and constant questions, they have decided to settle. To say "yes" to a marriage proposal, even though they don't feel ready. To make-out with a stranger, to overcome the loneliness and constant nagging from friends. To lie about being interested in a young gentlemen, just to stop the constant questions about 'why their still single.'

It's sad to see and it is sad to say, but young women within my inner circle are giving into pressure. They are falling for guys to fill a void, to meet the timeline set by society and to stop the constant pressure. But young women near and far, please understand that you do NOT need to settle. I know it's hard, believe me, but I've seen the domino effect that occurs when one settles. When a young women falls for a gentlemen and 10, 15, or 20 years down the road, realizes she was never ready or he was never ready, and she settled just because she felt the pressure.

I know society is telling you that this is the time. You are in your early or mid-twenties and this is your prime. The prime time to fall in love, to find the right person and to settle down. But, just because society has set this timeline, it does not mean you need to follow it. Instead, follow His timeline.

Take a deep breath and relax. Let the pressure roll off your shoulders and listen to the voice of Truth. Listen to Gods plan. Don't loose sight of it. Because, when we see and listen to His plans, we will never be prone to settle.

So, to all my friends, to all young women who are feeling the pressure against their backs, please don't give in. Please know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made, and God never wishes for you to settle for less than He has for you. So hold on and don't give in, I know it's hard, but it will be worth it in the end.

Remember, you are WORTH more.