I've heard it a million times, "I love him," "He's the one," "This is meant to be." Maybe you're right, maybe it is love, but keep your eyes open for the possibility that it's just lust. (Nearly all of this can be translated to Boys as well)

1.He doesn't feel the same way

The biggest sign that you don't actually love a boy is that he doesn't love you. Love is never one sided so if he doesn't feel the same way it's only lust. Ways to tell he doesn't feel the way you do is if you haven't met his family or friends, or when you hang out it's always in private.

2.His looks are what you talk about

Every girl has had a moment where she is sitting with a group of friends and starts talking about anyone she has been hanging out with. Think about those moments. What were you saying about the boy you were talking to? Did you say he was nice, funny, smart? or did you say he was absolutely gorgeous? If you can only think of how beautiful someone is and not their personality traits that make you like him, chances are you feel lust and not love.

3.He's your only option at the moment

If you are currently only talking to one boy, there is a chance you only think you love him because there is nobody else. Sometimes when you are lonely you convince yourself that someone means more to you because you want company. If you are lonely try and stay friends, but don't keep him until the next guy comes around.

4.You're not proud of him

We all like the bad boy, but that doesn't mean we all love him. If you don't feel proud of your boyfriend and want to flaunt him to everybody then you probably don't actually love him. It also shows that you probably don't see a future with the guy if you don't feel like introducing him to your friends or family.

5. You can't get pass the physical

Cuddling and play fighting is always fun, but is that all you do with the guy you have been hanging out with? Love does not come from how much you have been touching all over somebody, love comes from the connection of two different minds. If you can't have deep conversations you might want to think about what you have. The greatest way to tell if you don't connect intellectually is through text. Just ask,"Can we hold a conversation?"

If you can relate to any of these, then you might want to look deeper into what you have with a guy. None of this is set in stone, of course, there are always outliers. Just don't rush into anything because you think it's love. If you pause and think you may only see lust.