College is a Bad School Lunch

IUniversity life is full of changes and excitement, and for many students, it is thier first time away from home. They are nervous because of the new environment and eager to begin this part of their lives. However, college life is not like everything you see in the movies. Truthfully, it can be miserable and stressful. College life is like a bad school lunch and here's why.

1. The Cafeteria Food- The Crap Milk Container that no one wants, but schools mandate it anyway

Every college student probably looks back at their high school experience and imagines the food as disgusting, and they look forward to more nutritious and plentiful options. Well, that doesn't happen at all. The food is usually different....and sometimes not the healthiest. To be frank, cafeteria food is a disappointment but a step up from public school food. When you find out that there are chicken nuggets in the caf for the day, you get really excited and then realize that they are actually disgusting or undercooked. So I guess you could say, it's mediocre at best.

2. The Homework Load- That moment when you think it can't get any worse: AKA Mystery Meat

Most of us procrastinate on everything while in school, and then we regret it the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that. Sometimes professors forget that you have many more classes on top of the one that they teach, and the workload is overwhelming. You will end up sitting in the middle of your dorm room floor surrounded by textbooks and assignments, and you will probably cry at least once. This is the appropriate time to yell out, "My life is a bad school lunch." You expect to have free time to do your own thing but that's spoiled because your professors don't realize that you have a life outside of the class room. Think about it in they way that you expect to get a good juice box when at lunch in elementary school, but you get stuck with the nasty milk cartons that were close to being expired. Believe me, it will make you laugh a little, and definitely make you feel better. Just keep working and remember that it will all be worth it in the end.

3. Balancing your Social Life- Deciding to eat it, or just stare and hope you can wait til dinner

With everything else you have to do while in college, a social life is just as important as maintaining a good GPA in hopes of being accepted to a great Graduate School Program. Connections around campus can take you so far once your college career ends, both professionally and personally. You gain lifelong friends from this time of your life and it is important to make time in your schedule for those people. With work, class, extracurricular activities, honors programs, or anything else you may be involved in, you have a extremely packed schedule, and will probably be overwhelmed by it all once or twice. Take it day by day and you will do just fine.

4. The Anxiety- Eating it, knowing it is awful, but just praying you survive

Many college students suffer from anxiety and it can take a toll on your health and work ethics on a daily basis. If you have a to-do list that reaches the ceiling, remember that you can't do it all and you aren't expected to be perfect all the time. Sometimes anxiety can get in the way and it upsets you, but you have to remember how special and important you truly are. Take the time for yourself, cry, watch a movie, and forget about what everyone else thinks you should be doing. You may feel like you're failing, but every other college student feels the same way. Your life is not a 'bad school lunch' but just something that becomes too much every so often.

5. FInal Exams- The aftermath belly ache

To conclude, finals week is the toughest week of the semester for most people, or maybe it is the last week of class that sends you over the edge. You will cry and you will probably feel hopeless. Remember: your friends are here to support you, you are good enough, and you will get everything finished in time. Scream it at the top of your lungs and take a deep breath. COLLEGE LIFE IS A BAD SCHOOL LUNCH, but there is always a better day.

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