It seems like nowadays just about everyone wants a Keurig. They are super convenient, especially if you would not drink a whole pot of coffee at a time. Also, it is coffee instantly. But while these magic machines are awesome, they can be very expensive (especially for college students)

Here are 7 ways to save money, and keep your Keurig.

1. Register your machine

Go to Keurig’s website, make an account and register your machine. Make sure to leave the emails on from them (they do not send an overload), but they do send sales and special offers!

2. Coupons!

Use the Keurig’s sites coupon codes, they often have a deal of a certain percentage off or free shipping. Also look at your grocery store to see if they are running deals. Going to Google is always valuable too!

3. Reuse K-Cups

Yes, I know that these things are a ‘single use’. But after much trial and error, that statement is not exactly true. If you are filling up your travel mug, take the cup out after the first time, and then squish it around, this gets the coffee grinds (or tea) shifted around from the trail the water first went through it. Then you can put it back in and make your next batch. From my trial and error, you can run a large mug 2-3 times.

4. Shop Around

Shop around for K-cups. Just about every grocery type of store. Even Amazon sells them! Shopping around between stores will save you a couple dollars.

5. Buy your favorites in bulk

If you want to save the most money (besides reusing) buying in bulk is the best way to go. Once you find your favorite or favorites, buy a huge pack of them. This can save you a big chunk of money. I have seen 80 counts for $0.20 a cup, which can be a $1 less a cup from a smaller pack!

6. Sell your cups after use.

This one can take a lot of work and time. But if you have it, tear into those bad boys. Crafters will buy your used cups. You may not make all of your money back, but you have the potential to make half of it back. Or you could just use them for your own crafting purpose!

7. Split Costs!

This one may not apply to everyone, but if you share with your roomie (or bestie) and enjoy the same coffee(s) / tea(s) then go together to split the cost. You can buy a big one in bulk, and share the cost.

Now go enjoy your Keurig!