Your Guide To Indian parties
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Your Guide To Indian parties

Once you go brown you can never go back

Your Guide To Indian parties
Swami Kakarla

I'm indian; born and raised in a country that is filled with half the worlds population and contains most engineers and doctors. I assure you whenever my mom goes to the grocery store or when my family goes to a family event by the time the event is done, I can graduate college five times already. Prior to going to a desi party here's what one should expect:

1. The endless questions

Regardless of what the event is once you step into the room you will be bombarded with questions such as;
"How's school going?," "How are your grades?," "What's your major?," "Why do you look like that?" Though it seems tiring at times answering the same questions over and over again I wouldn't have it any other way.

2. Food

I clearly the remember when I was back home the conference and back to back calls that my mom had with her friends just solely to talk about what foods they were going to cook for the event. The amount of food that is cooked at these events, we can probably end world hunger

3. Kids

My brother and I are at the stage where half the kids at the party are either half your age or young adults and you aren't sure whether to participate in "family time" with the kids or pretend to understand half the business talk the rest of the adults are having.

4. Fashionably late

I can't tell you how many times I have been in this situation before. My mom would say the event starts at let's say 6:30, but with indian people it means that the event starts at 8:30 regardless whether its a weekday or not.

5. Another Party

Half the party isn't even over yet and you will have all the aunties planning for another "get together."

6. New or Old Faces?

There will always be a new face at the party whom your parents will force you to talk to them. Usually you don't know who the individual is, but the other person states "Oye! little boy do you remember who I am? I remember you when seeing you just when you were a baby!!!"

Don't get me wrong I love where I come from and usually these events are something out of this world, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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