Your Guide to Becoming Healthier and Happier
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Health and Wellness

Your Guide to Becoming Healthier and Happier

Detailing the ways to change your body as well as your mind to achieve overall health.

Your Guide to Becoming Healthier and Happier

Fitness and mental wellbeing are at the forefront for most people in terms of yearly goals and/or resolutions. We all want to be more toned, especially in time for summer, as well as feel better about ourselves. With that said, such a task can seem daunting to many people, and they often times don't know where to start. Thus, many people quit before they even begin. I was one of those people. Countless times I faced the giant of trying to become healthier and countless times I threw in the towel because of how daunting of a task it would be.

Though, eventually I gathered enough strength to truly begin my journey towards total health- for my body and my mind. Along the journey, I have learned many things that I wish I would have known before facing the giants, before giving up before I even started. I am going to share with you some things that I have learned, and the steps I take each and every day to achieve/maintain health. Below I have compiled a list of FOUR steps in order to achieve mental and physical health, leaving you feeling healthier and happier.


My first point of note would be to conquer the day. Each and every day wake up grateful yet determined- grateful for another day on this earth and determined to make the most of it. Approach your workouts and your cooking with tenacity that will motivate you each and every day.


I think this is the most basic advice that I could give you in order to be healthy, but it couldn't be more imperative. It is so important to workout in order to see results, whether it be through walking, running, cycling, swimming, HIIT training, etc. Your body has so many capabilities, so use them in order to strengthen your body. Alongside working out, it is almost more important to watch what you are bringing into your body. Eating healthy is so important in order to achieve health because overall fitness is 80% achieved in the kitchen. That means that food is 4 times more important than working out. So, watch what you eat- try and stay away from refined sugars and processed foods, instead eating organic, whole foods that will fuel your body and your workouts.


Don't be afraid to set aside time for yourself- whether it be to meditate, to watch TV, to read a book, etc. Mental health is achieved when we can spend time with ourselves. We can get so caught up in our every day lives as well as our goals that we forget to stop and breath for a second, giving ourselves time, well, for ourselves.


Not every day is the same. You will experience different feelings and emotions each and every day, which is why it is so important to reflect upon your days. You could do so by writing in a journal or merely thinking about all that you have achieved or didn't achieve.

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