Your Friend Group, As Told By Disney Princesses
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Your Friend Group, As Told By Disney Princesses

Each Disney Princess has their own personality, and chances are you've got a friend in your group to match it.

Your Friend Group, As Told By Disney Princesses

The dynamics of any friend group are usually determined by the personalities which make it up. Chances are, while personalities may overlap, each person in your friend group holds his or her own place. It is the differences which bring the groups together and keep them functioning. No matter how functionally dysfunctional your friend group may be, if you're anything like me, you feel absolutely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of humans to call "your people." Here is what your friend group might look like if they were Disney princesses (and that wasn't just a thing you all pretended in your heads):

Cinderella, “The Clean Freak”

Much like Cinderella, this is the friend who goes around cleaning all the time. It is just who she is, and there isn’t much she can do to stop it. There are times this friend will go and find things which maybe aren’t even dirtyand clean them anyway. She also really loves animals, and on many occasions you’ll find her befriending (Read: talking to them like they understand) various animals at parties whether it be a cat, dog, guinea pig…

Snow White, “The Friendly One”

Ever thought about how similar this friend is to Snow White who befriends seven dwarves? Similar to Snow White, who has no problem befriending seven tiny men, this friend makes friends essentially everywhere she goes. Even at a party, where you don’t know anyone, she isn’t worried because by the end of the night you’ll know everyone, and probably have brunch plans set up for the next week with all your new friends.

Belle, “The Studious One”

This is the person in your friend group who has her stuff together academically all the time. She has no idea what it is like to spend a night cramming for a test, or finishing an essay, because she has had it done for a week by that point. She is the friend who texts in the group chat to make sure everyone knows when major events, such as registration, are coming up. Her second home is probably the library, and in reality you’ll probably find her there more than you’ll ever find her at her real home.

Mulan, “The Fighter”

This girl, much like Mulan, is adventurous. Not only is she adventurous though, she is extremely determined and strong-willed. She knows exactly what she wants, and she goes for it. There is no telling her “no you can’t do that” in fact, if you tell her she can’t do something it is almost guaranteed she will (and she’ll probably do it better than you ever expected).

Pocahontas, “The Peace Keeper”

This is the girl in your friend group who doesn’t like to see conflicts arise. Though often she understands they are inevitable, and a part of life. She will do anything to make sure the conflict is resolved in the quickest time possible or maybe just that it doesn’t even happen in the first place.

Sleeping Beauty, “The Sleepy One”

This is the friend who is basically like a professional at sleeping. She’s the type where it is three in the afternoon, everyone in your group chat has been conversing for hours, and you wonder where she is, thinking something might be wrong…but really she’s just been sleeping the whole time. If there was ever an award given for “best at sleeping” she would win every time. Hands down.

Rapunzel, “The Sheltered One”

Okay, so maybe this friend isn’t as sheltered as Rapunzel, but I mean come on, who is? (She spends the first eighteen years of her life in a freakin' tower). This friend is the equivalent of “Rapunzel sheltered” in the real world; she’s the friend who constantly needs an explanation of what something means, or who someone is. Sometimes you find yourself having to show her the way. However, she is also extremely adventurous and curious. Though she is slightly naïve, you don’t mind having to explain things to her because you love her all the same.

Tiana, “The Independent One”

This is the friend, who much like Tiana, can handle herself all on her own. While she doesn’t mind help, or company, she also is completely okay with being on her own. She is happy to be part of the group, but doesn’t always need to be with the group to identify as a part of it.

Ariel, “The One Who Is Shy Around Men”

This one is kind of self explanatory. We all know the story of Ariel, and how she loses her voice for the chance to walk on land and meet her prince. Similarly, though I hope none of your friends are trading their legs for mermaid tails, your friend is like Ariel because when she’s around a cute guy her voice is literally non-existent. She is shy, but once you get to know her it is almost impossible to get her to stop talking.

Elsa, “The Mom”

Also a rather self explanatory one … every friend group has the mom of the group. Similar to Elsa, everything this girl does is calculated. She is the one stopping other friends from making questionable decisions and, like a mom, finds herself taking care of the girls in your friend group like they are her actual children. Shout out to the moms of the friend groups though, you guys are the reason your friends don’t end up places they don’t belong at four am.

Anna, “The Impulsive One”

Every friend group has an Anna, or if you’re friend group is like mine you’ve got multiple…This is the friend who is ready for anything- all the time. She usually doesn’t think too much about the decision she is making prior to making it. She is lots of fun and the life of any party, but sometimes needs to be reminded that you can’t marry a man you just met.

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