Here is a list of things you could buy with the equivalent of 1, 2, 3, and 4 years of your education at Hanover College. This was calculated at the total billing cost listed on the school’s website which is currently $46,714.

Year 1: $46,714

490 shares of Apple stock

Feed a child in Africa for at least 1,000 months which is over 83 years.

A trip for 2 to the Super Bowl with seats on the 50 yard line

21,800.95 gallons of gas

Year 2: $93,428

4,600 steak dinners at Texas Roadhouse

30 trips to Europe

460 bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne

Year 3: $140,142

395 nights at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel

50 Foot Speed Boat

Brain Surgery

7 Year membership at Augusta Golf Course

Start a Subway Franchise in Southern Indiana

Year 4: $186,856

3 2016 Corvette Stingrays

28.3 acres of land in Indiana

9.8 pounds of gold

A nice new townhome in downtown Indianapolis