There are a lot of ways to tell if you have a good boyfriend. He takes you on dates and brings you around his friends. But here are eight ways you REALLY know he's a keeper.

1. He drives far (and often) to see you.

If you live anywhere that is further than 30 minutes from your boyfriend and he drives that distance to see you at least 1-2 times a week, he's a keeper. He's willing to make the time to see you!

2. He tells his friends about you, and they have nicknames for you.

If your boy will bring you around his guy friends, even when they're just chilling watching sports or hanging out on a Friday night, be grateful. There are a lot of guys who don't mix their friends and their girlfriend for fear of what will happen, so if your guy is comfy bringing you around his friends, great!

3. You can openly roast each other and he doesn't get offended.

Come on, everyone makes jokes and messes around with each other. If your boy can take your smoke and not get offended, it makes him that much more playful and fun to be around. If he can't, well...

4. You can have conversations about ~feelings~ and he doesn't get awkward.

If you're feeling sad, happy, angry, confused, tired, moody, etc. and you tell your boy, and he doesn't freak out on you or run, that's a good sign! Guys are generally very hesitant to share anything about how they're feeling, so if you and your boy can talk about feelings in a respectful and mutual way, that's a sign of a healthy relationship!

5. He doesn't get mad if you hang out with your guy friends too.

Guys have a tendency to get overprotective and scared if you say you're hanging out with another guy, but if your boy trusts you and if you communicate with him, he shouldn't be upset if you hang out with another guy friend. Grabbing lunch with Jake in between classes shouldn't be a huge deal as long as he knows in advance.

6. He has realistic expectations of how much time you can spend together.

Even though you may want to spend every waking second together, your boy understands you have a life and responsibilities and doesn't make you feel guilty if you have to change plans or cancel. Life happens, it doesn't mean you don't wanna hang out!

7. He does random things to surprise you, even if they're small.

If he randomly brings you a milkshake when you've had a bad day or Venmos you money for coffee when you're stressed, he's a good boyfriend. Don't take these random little things for granted!

8. You can ask him for small favors or help, and he does it without complaining.

If you need a ride somewhere, or your friend needs help, or maybe you just need help carrying groceries, he does all this without complaining. Being in a relationship is a team effort and requires that you help each other out!

If you're in a relationship that makes you happy and he does things for you that shows he cares, you got a keeper!