Reasons Long Distance Is The Worst
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9 Reasons Long Distance Relationships Are Hard

It's hard not being with the person you love.

9 Reasons Long Distance Relationships Are Hard
Abigail Miller

Long distance relationships are kind of the worst.

Okay, maybe not the absolute worst, it is still nice to have a loving, comforting relationship, even if you don't get to see them often. But still, it's difficult to know that the person you love is two hundred, five hundred, or even thousands of miles away from you, especially on days where you just want to be with them.

Almost everything about having an LDR is rough, but here is a list of the absolute WORST parts of always being so far away from your significant other.

1. No dates.

You can't just randomly decide to go out to dinner together, or just take a night out together for just the two of you.

2. No random surprises.

You can't just surprise them with their favorite candy or a random trip to the zoo.

3. Too far apart to hold their hand.

Which sucks, because having their hand in yours is so comforting.

4. You can't always hold them when you want to,

Even when they're having a bad day.

5. Or dance to your favorite songs together.

Even if you generally hate dancing, but you love it with them, and you want nothing more than to get lost in a world with just the two of you and a Taylor Swift song.

6. You can only ever see them through screens.

It's better than nothing, but pictures, FaceTime, and videos are nowhere near as magical as the real thing.

7. It's super expensive to spend time with them.

Gas money, train tickets, plane tickets, time off from work - it costs so much just to spend time with your S.O.!

8. You can't spend every second together like you want.

So you become clingy AF when you're actually together.

9. Once you do finally get to spend time with them, readjusting to life without them is difficult.

Suddenly going from being together 24/7 back to being miles apart is THE WORST, because you just want to go back to being with them.

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