Your 2018 Spring Break Playlist

Your 2018 Spring Break Playlist

Don't be that person that ruins the mood with the music.

Spring Break is finally upon us. You’ve picked a destination, booked a place to stay, got a group of friends together, picked out the perfect bathing suits, and bought food to last you the whole week, but do you have your playlist made yet? The last thing you want to worry about while laying on a beach is what song is going to come on shuffle next – so leave it up to me to help you get your playlist started. This playlist will get your body’s moving and boost the mood, with a mix of songs that are perfect for both the beach and a night in with the girls.

1. "Doses and Mimosas" by Cherub.

2. "California Sun" by Corey Harper.

3. "Cruise" by Zach Beaver.

4." Garden Grays" by Wildcat! Wildcat!.

5. "Float On" by Modest Mouse.

6. "Drinkee" by Sofi Tukker.

7. "Africa" by Toto.

8. "My Oh My" by Punch Brothers.

9. "Dear To Me" by Electric Guest.

10. "Aloha" by Møme.

11. "She’s American" by The 1975.

12. "Next Year – RAC Remix" by Two Door Cinema Club.

13. "Puzzle Pieces" by Saint Motel.

14. "Falling (Whether Redo)" by Opia.

15. "Shaky Ground" by Freedom Fry.

16. "All Night" by The Vamps.

17. "What We’ve Become" by GRiZ.

18. "Corona And Lime" by Swayze.

19. "Sunset Lover" by Petite Biscuit.

20. "40 Day Dream" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.

21. "Peaches" by In The Valley Below.

22. "Super Far" by LANY.

23. "Just The Girl" by The Click Five.

24. "West Coast" by Coconut Records.

25. "Old School" by Urban Cone.

Cover Image Credit: Brooklyn Morgan

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

An ode to the little girl raised to be insecure.


They raise little girls to be insecure

Little girls grow to be big girls

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Big girls aren't quite sure

Day after day the big girl can't keep up

She's exhausted

Her soul feels worn

The big girl learns to grow hard

In a way, she's a bit stronger

People call her a bitch


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She mourns that little girl

Hoping that one day

She'll be strong

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