Young Professionals, Take Care Of Yourself Because Nobody Will Do It For You

young Professionals, Take Care of Yourself Because Nobody Will Do It For You

If you can't be yourself, you can't succeed.


As I enter my final semester of college, I've seen at this point more than ever before how much young professionals are willing to give. All of my classmates are giving up the majority of their free time to pursue internships, attend networking events, and stay up until the early hours of the morning revising their resume or updating their portfolio.

That's all great stuff, and we should all set aside time to make sure our professional image is at it's best. However, we can't let fear, anxiety, and blurred boundaries let us go insane.

Virtually every other person I meet is a workaholic, and while that's great in some aspects, it's unhealthy in others. Having a strong work ethic is important, and making sure you're constantly producing quality work is essential to success, but so is knowing your personal boundaries.

I've met people who say they love when someone comes in for an interview and they describe how they'll do anything for a job and how they're a workaholic. While their drive may be inspiring, this is the first red flag of an unhealthy working lifestyle.

So, fellow young professionals, what kinds of boundaries can we set for ourselves, especially if we're used to the workaholic life?

Set a time to shut off all blue lights and be human again.

That's right, shut the laptop, turn off the cell phones, and decompress. Of course, there will be some days when you're up late working, but let this be the exception, not the norm. Make time to have dinner with your family and be social, as well as have time for yourself. You can't consider yourself a well-rounded person without these things, and people perform their best when they live a well-rounded lifestyle and are happy.

Take care of your body.

Your brain needs sleep in order to function. Yes, you heard me, you can't put out quality work when you're running on 20%. Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. While that may seem impossible some nights, remember that if you don't take care of your body, it will start to shut down, and then you'll really be out of commission. Unexpected sick days hurt a timeline much more than a planned pushback on a deadline of a day or two.

Keep the phrase "Work-Life Balance" at the front of your mind.

What does this mean to you? Does it mean coming home and having dinner with your family or roommates every night? Does this mean making sure you have time to invest in education to further your skills? Does this mean making time to get involved in activities aside from work such as sports, local interest groups or social groups? A key aspect of having work-life balance is, say it with me, a life. Make sure you have a life because these are supposed to be the best years of the only one you've got. Having success means nothing without people to share it with.

The first few years of jumping into a career are hard. We're all trying to figure out where we fit in this world, and sometimes we're so afraid of it that we sacrifice our entire selves for the chance of success. Remember that when you go to apply for a job, you're benefiting them. You're contributing to their greater goals. You're producing the work that makes them money. If you can't be you, then you can't be successful. Be yourself, be strong, and be balanced.

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The New Beginning I Earned, My Summer Internship

I start my new internship in a new state tomorrow and I have tons of mixed feelings about it, here's the truth.


I start my new internship in a new state tomorrow and I have tons of mixed feelings about it. I am nervous, scared, excited, and ready for this new experience. It will be nothing that I have gone through such as being in a new place and working in big business. I am excited to see where this will take me in the future. It is exciting because I could potentially have a job similar to what I am doing in the internship and that is crazy. It is all so new and it scares me but I know this will be such a great opportunity for me. It will be a great location because it is Northern California and it is warm every day so that will make the weekends enjoyable.

As this is my last summer before I graduate. I want to learn more about the business world and see what interests me and what doesn't. It is interesting to see what I will like about big business or if I want to be at a smaller business. The number of changes that will occur in my life is going to move rapidly which is kind of nerve-racking. Yet the best feeling is the factor of shock when something great happens that I would have never expected.

It's exciting to see that my future is unfolding in front of me and all of my hard work is paying off and it feels great. It feels surreal that this all happening so fast and soon I will be having my own job after college. This is something that I couldn't have even imagined myself thinking about 3 years ago, and it's actually really exciting. There are so many things I haven't been able to do yet, and now I'm presented with so many opportunities.

I'm so thankful for those who encourage me on a daily basis and all of the support my parents have shown me. I truly couldn't have done it without them. They have been there for me through it all and I couldn't ask for anything more. They have challenged me and I am forever grateful for that. There are many new difficulties that I have yet to overcome, but I know that each of these obstacles will create new knowledge that will put me in a positive direction.

I couldn't imagine getting to where I am today without the people who love me the most. I don't think I would have gotten through it. They pushed me to get to where I am today and have always taught me to never give up. Although it's difficult right now and everything is far from perfect, I have confidence in my future due to what I've been through already. Everything that has happened in my life has led me to this point, and I'm ready for the next adventure. It can be scary but it has taught me that it will all be worth it in the end and I can't wait to look back on it and tell everyone how much of an adventure it has been.

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