Juvenile love is the most intoxicating feeling we can feel as adolescents. Young love comes and goes so quickly that we don’t have time to process it until it is gone.

Can a teen be too young to fall in love? “Yes, absolutely, duh!” is what I would have told my 15-year-old self. Had I of known that then, the up and down roller coaster feelings I had with my "first love” could have been way less traumatizing.

Even at 21 going on 22, I still do not fully understand love. But I do know that love hurts, it consumes you. Sometimes it is that sunny day you have been asking for all winter, and then it thunderstorms. I truly believe that everyone who comes in and out of our lives are meant to impact us and steer us in the right direction.

How many past relationships were you involved in and never uttered the words “I love you?” Probably not many. We tend to overuse those three little words because we are confused about the true meaning. I think my "first loves” every time I meet a new guy.These exes are a Godsend. Learn from them, and embrace the past.

Exes will remind you of your own mistakes. There are many valuable lessons that can be taken from past relationships. Exes aid in helping you avoid making the same mistakes twice. Even though we have slightly matured from our high school years, we are still lost and hopeless when it comes to love.

The unfortunate truth about love is that it results in pain, but pain is an emotion that helps us grow, and with growth comes strength. Take this into consideration the next time you meet an intriguing person or when you get your heart broken.

The Check List:

We can agree that at one point you were completely infatuated with your ex, but there is always something that he or she must have done to make you pull your hair out. Remember what these things were and when you meet the next potential lover make a mental check list. This check list will help you avoid relationship problems, by giving you the chance to run away before you are in too deep.

The Good:

Recall how your significant other made you smile, gave you butterflies, and helped you get through the bad days? Every other person after them should live up to those standards, too. And hopefully surpass them.

The”Ideal” Ex:

As humans we naturally are driven to like a certain type of person. Whether your type may be a hair color, or in my case men in uniform (police officers and marines), this can be dangerous. Take into consideration that not all blondes know how to have the most fun. Having a “type” is awaiting disappointment. No one can live up to what we’ve built in our imagination.

Moving on:

There’s no right way or time to break up with someone. No matter how or when it will hurt the both of you. Fortunately, there is a way to help better yourself. Examining common themes as to why your relationship ended is key. Did they all end the same way? Have all your relationships had the same issues? What went wrong? Can offer you a bright light at the end of the tunnel? If you do see a pattern, you could be to blame. Change these small characteristics about yourself and in the next relationship, you will have less issues.

20-something and not Ready:

Being single is the best thing in your twenties. This is the perfect time for self growth. Take advantage of this and try not to rush into anything. Being single is not a bad thing, don't dwell on it, just live it up. Love is different with every person you fall for, because everyone is unique in their own way. Stop setting expectations for people and just let life unfold.

Our ex will forever be a shadow of our past. The only way to know that you have found love, is to love yourself first. Loving every part of yourself will remind you of the respect and love you deserve and should reflect upon others.