The Real Reason Behind My Insecurity
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The Real Reason Behind My Insecurity

And so many other's insecurities is 3 letter: SEX

The Real Reason Behind My Insecurity
Sarah Mason

Growing up as a young girl is hard in this world, as it is for lots of young people. We feel pressured in the weakest moments of when our bodies are changing.

Pressured into making friends, the "right" kind of friends as well as the idea of boys (or girls whatever floats your boat). But the world around us pushes each one of us to feel alone, ugly, and unworthy. But why are we "unworthy"?

It's three letters that together can change a conversation, relationship, and can change a person. -Sex-

I want to make it clear that I don't agree that sex, or anything physical for that matter, should change a person. But I believe in reality and to be able to find solutions to problems in society we must first completely understand the question/problem.

Sex for both girls and guys is an important step of growing up.

We are all stressed of the morality as well as the "necessity" of it in today's society. Society is blamed for the pushing of sexuality upon us but we are society. We should be able to step up and create the change internally!

Education is key. Sex is going to always happen but without the proper learning tools how do we expect the younger gen to make their own decisions?

They are young adults that are going to make decisions about sex no matter how many rules are placed in front of them.

Schools, teachers, and adults in the community (especially all parents!) need to be able to speak openly about sex. All things sex should be discussed and openly taught for understanding.

Abstinence and scare tactics DO NOT stop sex from happening at young ages. Rather young adults should be taught their options and the understanding of that through each decision is an out coming.

Each child transitioning into a young adult should feel that they can ask questions openly. They should be able to have an adult they can go to. No one should ever have to feel alone, especially during this time of change and uncertainty.

Loneliness, uncertainty, and the lack of education lead to every possible decision a young adult makes about sex. Have sex: slut. Don't: prude. It's all so wrong and backwards. Wear that sexy dress, or that over-covering top. Show what you have or keep it covered.

So stop shaming other people and stop and start educating people! Be open about something so natural and happening everywhere. It's your body so you should choose what to do with it: after the right education and support system.

Sex isn't something you have to do. It isn't something you can't do. Sex is a little bit fo everything an each person can make their own decision about it. Never let anyone make you feel insecure about your decisions.

You are beautiful, smart, kind, and wonderful: all with and without your sex life. Through rejection or any decision made about sex does not ever change your worth as a person. Remember that, forever.

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