Driving through our home town that we shared—knowing you won’t ever be beside me in traffic, looking at the high school where you are known for your shenanigans—realizing you won’t be able to pull any more pranks on your teachers, seeing your name in my phone—struggling with the thought that it won’t pop up on my screen anymore.

You were a son, a brother, a teammate, a friend and you brought happiness to everyone in the simplest acts of just your daily routine. If it wasn't a joke or a harmless prank, it was your trademarked smirk-grin that made everyone crack a smile at the very least.

The amount of lives that you have touched just simply by meeting them is so incredible. If you only knew how much of an impact you had on us by sharing a little bit of humor and happiness, you wouldn’t believe it.

It is heart breaking that your time with us had to end so soon, but you have to know that we remember you by your kind heart, your humor, your ridiculous ideas, and your endless optimism for a good time. We don’t blame you for leaving and we certainly won’t let your abrupt passing change our lives for the worse. We will continue to tell our hilarious ‘Ethan stories’ and celebrate your life through our own memories of you, just like you would want us to.

You’re gone, Ethan, but you will never be forgotten.

Rest easy, E.


Your Butler fans