The lights. The costumes. The music. Who doesn't love that? Have you ever seen a production so full of life and it being right in front of you? You are so into the music it's as if you are right on stage with them. The live action, live orchestra, live PEOPLE only about 20 feet away from you (depending on how far you are) truly puts you in a trance. Once you leave the theater, you wish that it could last forever.

First, the music. The word is LITERALLY in the word musical. Watching a musical on TV is pretty exciting, but a live orchestra makes watching one 1000x better. You get to hear every note being played and its truly captivating. It makes you want to do the choreography with the characters. It makes you want to scream every lyric that's being sung. You WISH you could be on the stage, too.

With every good song comes good choreography. And oh boy, is musical choreography amazing. Everything is so—synchronized. There is never anyone off step and it is certainly a sight to see. It can range from a simple two step to 3 back flips at one time. You will see so many styles of dancing and it will leave you in a trance. And there's no rule saying you can't get up and dance! So when you're really into a dance number, there's no harm in learning the routine with them.

The story is obviously the reason why the musical was made. It can make you cry, laugh, or leave you in shock. That one high note can leave you with chills down your back. A stage kiss, your favorite character dies, a sudden dance routine. You are so pulled into the show and its storyline that once you leave that theater, you feel kind of different. As if you belong back inside that theater forever. Waiting for another story to begin.

So go see Maria dance with Tony. Go see Sandy and Danny fall in love. Go see Dorothy follow that Yellow Brick Road. You really won't regret it. It will leave you wanting more. It'll leave you with a brighter outlook on life. As if everyday is your own personal musical.

So if you're on, off, or behind the stage, Broadway is a place for everyone. It needs to be on everyone's bucket list. And if you already watched one, watch another! Turn punk rock and watch American Idiot, dance along to Hairsprays' soundtrack, and pretend you're in Greece when watching Mamma Mia. You will immediately be transported into a world you never knew existed. And it is truly magical.