7 Reasons To Watch 'Broad City' If You Have A Chaotic Life
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7 Reasons To Watch 'Broad City' If You Have A Chaotic Life


7 Reasons To Watch 'Broad City' If You Have A Chaotic Life

We all have that one friend. Perhaps some of you have more than one, but you catch my drift. That one who will literally facetime you while you're getting a way to comfort you. Who honestly knows you better than you, an FBI investigator, and your whole family combined. What the hell would we do without them?

How else would console you and make you feel COMPLETELY validated because you cried over running out of Frank's Red Hot Sauce? Similarly, who else would check you when you have your head in your ass and know damn well what you're doing is going to really just mess up your life.

Can you relate? I'd hope so, we all need those people. "Broad City" will floor you with an accuracy of your ridiculous lives and friendships; thus, making it a must-see show.

1. You'll feel so validated.

You feel like a train wreck right? And everyone around you seems to be this preppy, beautiful, actually does their homework the day before it's due? Ya, I get it. You'd be surprised how many other people feel like that too and Ilana and Abbi will just make you feel all the better about your situation with moments of "holy crap I'd totally screw up like that as well."

2. It'll crush your high expectations of life after college... In a good way!

"What are your plans after college?" My aunt asks as I simultaneously shit my pants. I feel like everyone has some exotic adventure planned after they throw their cap in the air. Like everyone happens to be going on some life-changing peace corps mission, or actually get a job that allows you enough money to buy more than Two Buck Chuck at the grocery store. It's just not true, so stop feeling like your failing. This show is a breath of fresh air from all of those high expectations... Stop worrying about it. Abbi works as a cleaner at the gym and she's doing just fine.

3. You're guaranteed to laugh.

Unless this show isn't your humor (which, by the way, if it isn't, get off my Odyssey page, you're weird and probably won't relate to any of my articles) you're going to get a laugh out of this show. It's a nice escape from thesis writing (or, if we're being honest, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram) and will let you laugh at some of the most relatable scenarios.

4. Romance is not a factor.

I mean, it kind of is because who doesn't love Lincoln and Ilana? But that's not the point of the show. I'm so sick of shows in which all we care about is the protagonist's undying love for that one (different) boy she met in her Gothic Literature class in college. It shows the realness of one's character past the romantic factors.

5. It emphasizes the importance of friendship.

Sorry to get all corny on you, but it's true. In a time where we're all confused about what the heck is going on, it shows that the real key to figuring out life after college isn't some banging job, crazy apartment, or Instagram modeling job. It's about the person who would drop everything for you just to see you happy.

6. It's inclusive.

Without being overtly politically correct to the point where you just roll your eyes as they try to hard, "Broad City" makes anyone who watches it feel comfortable. From Ilana's pan-sexuality to Abbi's introverted awkwardness and the representations of all minorities. This show does a really good job of making all audiences feel welcome to love and relate to the show.

7. It gives you hope.

Remember that person I was talking about at the beginning of this article? Many of you may have thought of someone you've known since preschool. Many of you may have honestly felt a little down because you don't have that person in your life. Abbi and Illana aren't lifelong friends, they met randomly in their "20 somethings" and immediately felt a connection.

There's something to be said about the lack of correlation between time and friendship. Sometimes you meet that person later in life, and that's ok. Sometimes that person is someone you've only known for a month, but when you've met your Abbi or Ilana, you know.

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