You Know You're a Volleyball Player When...

1.When someone says pepper and you don’t think of the pepper shaker.

2.When your life motto becomes, “I can’t, I have volleyball”.

3. When you are very careful with your volleyball shoes, that you don’t wear them on any place other than the volleyball court.

4. When you have a volleyball bag full of ribbons and tournament tags

5. When you have a closet full of tournament t-shirts and practice shirts

6. When you can change from one jersey to another in less than a minute

7. When you “set” any sports object that is not a volleyball.

8. When your floor burns and bruises become your “trophies”

9. When your kneepads start to stink because of practices every week

10. When the sentence, “get on the line”, means to get to the line and run because your practice or game didn’t go so well

11. When your team is your family

12. When you can't imagine your life without the sport you love

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