Being an upperclassman rocks. But it also kind of sucks. On one hand, you're not an awkward, bumbling freshman anymore. But on the other hand, you're getting old. You feel confident walking around campus because you own this place now, yet you're shaking like a leaf when you walk into job interviews because these people could determine your future. You've finally found your true friends, but you're dreading having to leave them after graduation. You could definitely say that as upperclassmen, you have some mixed feelings about becoming adults. You know you're an upperclassman when...

1. You've attended a frat party in leggings (or even sweatpants).

During freshman year, you spent at least an hour getting ready. So many people to impress! So many pictures to be taken! But once you're an upperclassman, all of that effort goes out the window. As long as you can have fun and hang out with your friends, you couldn't care less about your appearance.

2. You feel super old when you do go to frat parties.

On the rare night that you choose the frats over the bars, you start to realize how old you are. You didn't look quite that young (or show quite that much skin) as a freshman, did you?

3. You've chosen to stay in and watch Netflix instead of going out to the bars.

As you get older, you start to appreciate the value of staying in. Sure, going to the frats or to the bars can be fun, but it's also a lot of work. Netflix won't hurt your wallet, won't spill its drinks on you, and won't leave you hungover in the morning.

4. You actually have more than one business outfit in your closet.

In fact, you might actually own more business pants than sweatpants. At the beginning of college, you probably used the same business suit for all of your interviews or presentations. But with the real adult world fast approaching in the form of interviews and internships, you've got to start creating your professional wardrobe.

5. You have multiple majors or minors.

As the real career world approaches, you start to panic and doubt your chosen path. Just to be safe, you add a few minors in engineering, English and psychology.

6. You spend more time writing cover letters than research papers.

Internships! Grad schools! Real jobs! Unfortunately, adulthood requires filling out endless applications, which, more often than not, also include cover letters.

7. You're friends with your professors.

Being the teacher's pet is cool now, guys. Professors are excellent allies in the job search process, in the grad school application process, or in the getting through life process.

8. You have at least three meltdowns a week.

What do you want to do after you graduate? Where are you going to intern this summer? How's your GPA? Have you updated your resume recently? Which grad schools are you applying to? Are you ready for adulthood? Because ready or not, it's coming for you.

9. You check your email and LinkedIn as much as you check Instagram.

Must. Network. Must. Find. Job.

10. You're a pro at packing and moving.

Somewhere in the process of moving between childhood homes, dorms, Greek houses and apartments, you learned how to pack and move efficiently. You've downsized considerably since freshman year and have developed moving tips that make carrying various furniture items a whole lot easier.

11. You realize that your body needs more maintenance than it used to.

Though your tolerance may be steadily improving throughout your college career, your ability to rebound the morning after is not. Whether it's a night out with alcohol, or a night in the library with your books, your body takes a little longer to recover than it used to.

12. You like doing things alone.

At this point, you're starting to recognize the rejuvenating power of some quality alone time. You still love hanging out with your friends, but you no longer feel the need to travel everywhere in a pack.

13. You know when and where all the drink specials at the bars are.

Half-price Happy Hour on Wednesdays? Two-for-one margaritas at the local bar on Friday evenings? You're totally all over it.

14. You enjoy visiting with your family.

When most of us came to college, it was to get as far away from our parents as humanly possible. But the more time you spend cooking your own food and cleaning your own home, you maybe, just maybe might start to miss your parents.

15. You get randomly emotional about campus events.

They warned you that it would go by fast, and it did. All of a sudden, you're sitting at your last homecoming football game and you realize that your college days have an expiration date. You get super attached to random things around campus, like your favorite study corner in the library, or the barista who always knows your coffee order.

16. You drink nice(r) alcohol.

The days of Burnett's, Natty, and Franzia are (mostly) behind you. Now that you're a real adult, you splurge on slightly nicer drinks.

17. You're excited/terrified to be an adult.

As much as you complain about the endless exams and papers, a small part of you is still holding on to the safety of college. You're excited to get out into the world on your own, but you're not ready to leave your college days behind quite yet.