You Know You're An English Major If...

As an English major at a small liberal arts college, there are some definite signs indicating that I am an English major. If you are one too, this should be very relatable!

1. You enjoy reading.

2. You don't understand why others don't enjoy your favorite pastime.

3. You are always talking about books, whether it's that classic for Romanticism and Realism or the new Harry Potter screenplay.

4. You enjoy movies where they emphasize the importance of reading, writing, and literature.

5. You enjoy writing, whether it's a paper, short story, novel, or poetry.

6. You are always working on a paper, usually multiple ones at once.

7. You've been asked, on more than one occasion, to look at your friends' and other non-English majors' papers.

8. You're a stickler for grammar.

9. You spell out your words out when you text instead of using the abbreviations.

10. While you may not have a social life life because of all the reading and papers, you wouldn't change it for the world.

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