You Have One Life
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You Have One Life

"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure."

You Have One Life

Seems far fetched as we sit here stressing and worrying about finals, and internships, and boys, and life in general, but these are words to live by. We were only given one life.

One life to live.

One life to be positive.

One life to make new friends every day.

One life to make close bonds with amazing people.

One life to mess up and make mistakes -- but then learn from them, because mistakes happen to everyone and everyone gets through it.

One life to cry ourselves to sleep some nights and to laugh until our stomach hurts on others.

One life to find our purpose.

One life to spend our summers at the beach or lake with not a care in the world.

One life to make stupid decisions, while making memories in the process.

One life to feel the thrill of successfully sneaking out and back in.

One life to let music be our own personal psychologist.

One life to set goals for ourselves and one life to experience the phenomenal feeling of accomplishing them.

We were given one life to fall in love, and despite what others say or think, the feeling of knowing you’re truly in love.

One life to just say the hell with it, at times, and not give a damn.

One life to have wine nights and sleepovers.

One life to stay up all night talking to your best friends about the deepest and most complex things in life.

One life to hear the wildest rumors about yourself and think, These people must have no lives of their own if they spend their life discussing mine.

One life stay to out way too late and regret it in the morning, but then cherish the memories in a month.

One life to do so many things that weren't even mentioned above.

One life to, maybe, not do all the things listed above but know that that's absolutely OK and doing just one could make for a beautiful life.

We were only given one chance. Life is like a 20 dollar bill. It’s going to run out, eventually; what we have control over is how we spend it. Only one life to make it as meaningful as we can because we’re all going to leave this life in the end. We have to live each day like its our last, especially these days. We’re young and practically care free. Even though we may not know it now, these are the best days of our lives. Let’s not spend them stressing over every small nominal detail. Let's spend them having fun. Go to sleep tonight thinking, If I don’t live to see tomorrow, will I be satisfied with how I spent my last day? And then wake up tomorrow morning and say to yourself, What if today’s my last day? Well, then -- let's make it a good one.

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