You Feel Me

You feel me in your mind.

I always start in your head,

I'm disguised as a mere assumption.

I'm embedded in your thoughts;

Twisting through every question you have to ask.

I'm best friends with the unknown

And I linger in what's to come;

I'm the one thing on your mind

and the one thing you want to forget.

You feel me in your body.

I arise when your heights are reached

And pump adrenaline through your entire system.

I make you tingle, shake, even question your limits;

I weigh you down like the anchor of a ship,

You rock with uncertainty

I cripple your foundation

I freeze the blood running through your veins,

I'm the one thing that holds you back and the one thing you can't let go.

You may feel me, but I'm not real.

I only exist in your thoughts of the future;

I'm purely a product of what could happen,

But may never occur.

I'm a choice, a lie you tell yourself,

I'm the one thing that you believe you cannot overcome

yet I'm the one thing you can.

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