To The White, Upper-Middle Class Man
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To The White, Upper-Middle Class Man

You do not get to tell me I'm wrong.

To The White, Upper-Middle Class Man

As a young female, I am ofter overlooked. People may forget to ask my opinion on things. I have let all of this slide for years, but recently I have started to be more outspoken about my views and opinions on controversial topics. Since I have become more forward with my opinions I have found that some people will try to tell me that I am wrong. That I make myself look uneducated for supporting certain things and/or people. Most of the time these comments come from the middle-aged, white, Christian man from the upper-middle class of society... big shocker, right? When he bombards my facebook posts with long comments telling me I "must not think that way" or interrupts me when he overhears my conversation with a friend to tell me that I must be very uneducated to think the way I do, this is what I wish to say to him.

To the white, upper- middle class man:

You think that because you're twice my age that you "know better". You claim that being a middle-aged, upper-middle class, white, Christian man makes your opinions the "right ones". But you see, the only difference between you and me, besides age, is gender.

Because I am a female does not mean I am not intelligent. It does not mean I'm irrational and it most definitely does not mean I am in any way less of a person than you. Being a young woman does not make my opinions wrong or invalid. So, no, I do not need you to tell me how to think or to tell me what is right and what is "ridiculous".

You say that because I call myself a feminist that I am "ridiculous", that I am uneducated and wrong. But you see, sir, the only thing ridiculous is that the word "feminist" had to be used to describe a group of people who want equality when it reality there shouldn't be feminists. Rather, there should be basic human beings and sexists. If you are not a feminist, you are a sexist.

You tell me that fighting for equal pay when the difference is not even a dollar is absurd. That men are more qualified for every job and should be paid more. Can you possibly tell me and show me factual evidence that men are in fact better or more qualified for every job than women are? How can you possibly justify women being paid less than their male co-workers, expecially if they have the same level of education and the same amount of experience? What if the roles were reversed?

When you hear me talk of social issues you tell me to shut up and sit pretty, but you see, its hard for me to keep quiet about our social issues when men like you are telling me that rape culture "isn't a real thing". That it was made up by crazy women who regretted having sex with someone even though they are sluts who sleep around anyway. Really? Rape culter isn't real? How do you justify colleges and universities hiding rape cases and never even looking at them? Or how only 3% of rapist see the inside of a prison cell because the jury and judge blamed the victim? Or how a college athlete only got 6 months because it would "ruin his career" and was still let out after only 3 months?

Women are being sexualized in songs, commercials, media, and T.V. for the pleasure of men. Society is teaching young girls that they are objects to men. To simply please and be used for sexual pleasure for men. That they should submit themselves to you and whatever you ask of them. That if they are raped, it must have been because they asked for it. But wait, you don't call it rape, do you? It's just "non-consensual sex"... what? There isn't consensual and non-consensual sex, there's sex and rape. If it is not consensual, it is rape. Period. How can you tell me any different?

You have no right to tell me that I am not allowed to be scared or uncomfortable when I am alone with men I do not know or know very well. You do not get to tell me I shouldn't be cautious around people or situations that make me feel unsafe when 1-in-5 women are sexually assaulted or raped in their life. You do not get to tell me that I'm making a fool of myself when I stand up for rape victims.

You, sir, do not get to tell me to shut up, sit down, cross my legs neatly, and smile for you. I am made for so much more than that. You do not get to tell me how to think or what to believe in when I stand for the safety and equality of all women and men.

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