9 Things Untrustworthy People Do
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9 Things Untrustworthy People Do

Red flags all around

9 Things Untrustworthy People Do
Sydney Gurock

Let's be real, people who fall under every section of this list cannot be trusted. Red flags EVERYWHERE.

1. Burns their marshmallows

If you burn your marshmallows, we probably are not friends. It's a disgrace to the beauty of a S'more. Marshmallows are supposed to be browned, crisp, golden to perfection. Not burnt and ashy.

2. Drinks Orange Gatorade

This is a real trigger for me. If you had a selection of every Gatorade flavor and reach for orange over blue, red, or yellow, there is something severely wrong with you. Reaching for orange Gatorade is almost as worse as reaching for G2 over frost blue.

3. Prefers Pepsi over Coke

No. Just an extreme hard no. Who honestly gets excited when your waitress says they have Pepsi and not Coke? NO ONE. No one gets excited when they go to order a Coke and find out there are only Pepsi products.

4. Prefers Orange Juice with Pulp

Do you like drinking finger nails? Bugs? Dust? Because that's exactly what it tastes like when you're drinking orange juice with pulp. It's disgusting.

5. Wears Socks While Sleeping

If you wear socks while sleeping you are 90% probably a murderer. It should be illegal to fall asleep with socks on. It is so restricting.

6. Likes Cheese Nips over Cheez-its

When you ask your mom to get Cheez-Its and she comes home with Cheese Nips your world turns to darkness. The flavor of cheese nips is totally not the real cheese flavor.

7. Says Jimmies instead of Sprinkles

The only people who say Jimmies over Sprinkles are Philadelphians. And who likes people from Philly? No one.

8. Pronounces Crayons as "Crowns"

NOOOOO. CRAY-ON where are you getting CROWN from? You can't add and subtract letters into a word. This makes zero sense.

9. Bites into their KitKat

People like this don't even respect the art of eating a KitKat. It is disrespectful. You are disrespecting Chance the Rapper by not breaking off a piece of your KitKat bar.

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