Now, I have daily quotes come through my phone every day and eventually they become a bit of a blah. But this one really resonated with me. "Birds of a feather, flock together." You are more likely going to hang out with someone who you can relate to, who is similar to you. So, therefore, if you're confident, then you'll attract those who are more likely confident.

And that is so true.

It's unbelievable how true that is. Yes, you'll have friends who may be different from you, but mainly you're friends with them because they're relatable. If they weren't, then it would be so hard to hold a conversation. You want respect, then respect others first and you'll get that in return.

What you put out is what you get back.

Not only is it what you put out, but if you demand respect and you don't respect the people around you no one is going to want to respect you.

You don't deserve it. Period.

Think about everyone in your life and everyone who has left your life because you changed. The people you hang out with begin to change, because you became different. You grew and with that, they grew with you. They saw the change in you, whether good or bad, and they liked it and began to change along with you.

You grew together.

You want to be YouTuber? Then be a YouTuber, and you will begin to attract people who are interested in what you're doing. You want to be kind and caring, then you will begin to attract those who will care for you. People who surround you are somewhat your creations if you think about it. You influence them as they do you. Be successful and you will attract more success.

You attract what you are.