I'm not worthy of any attention or conversation. People don't need to waste their energy on me. I'm not worth the love and support others show me. Working hard isn't worth it. Nothing is good enough anymore. I'm not worth it or good enough.

Yes, you are.

This stream of thoughts running through your head is a toxic mess that needs to be thrown out.

You are worth every compliment, every smile, and every hard-working hour. You're good enough for that promotion and for their love. You deserve every ounce of acceptance, genuine kindness, and happiness in this world.

Bad days can seriously tear us down and it's easy to get wrapped up in our own little ball of negativity seeing no light in the bleak mental mess we've gotten ourselves into. Put your arms out and grope blindly because it's time to reach out for some positivity in your life.

We don't get long on this planet, so it's about time we start showing up for ourselves and stop denying any positive emotion people throw our way. It should be considered a crime to throw out love or affection someone offers us because we don't feel deserving.

Don't let that mentality control your life. I may sound like a scratch on the world's most positive record, but I'm serious. Smile more. Love more. And be more in the moments of happiness and love instead of stuck in your head doubting all of it.

No one gives their love without thinking about it and cheerfulness and smiles are the world's best currency. Take it freely by the armload and use that to fuel you on.

We have enough negativity to last us a lifetime but we can never have enough support, encouragement, and love in our lives. I don't know what I would do without the people who cheer me on and accept me. Don't deny yourself that pleasure.

Everyone deserves a life full of aching cheeks from smiles that are too wide and full hearts that are ready to burst.