When it comes to your brain, it's good for many reasons, like remembering to study for that 8 A.M. final, making sure you're on time to work, or something as simple as taking out the trash, even though my roommates haven't quite gotten that one yet. But one thing that it's not so good at is being nice.

On top of remembering to study for that final or take out the trash, it's also telling you how "fat" you look or how "worthless" you are. People's minds are capable of so much mentally, and it's one of the most taboo subjects. It's frustrating knowing how important it is to talk to people when you're feeling low, but the stigma with mental illness can often times render a person silent.

I know this from experience.

You know that saying, "You are what you eat"? That saying honestly goes for your brain, too. You are what you think.

When you wake up and the first thing you think of is how you're never going to get through the day, or how you might be gaining some weight, or how you feel like skipping class because you feel incompetent to even sit in the same room as your peers... don't.

From personal experience, this will set you back so much farther than just coming to terms with the idea of a little weight, or not fully grasping a concept as quickly as your peers. Negativity is the root of all evils; it engulfs you within it, and it's so hard to come back from it.

You deserve better than what you're giving yourself, so own up to your negative thoughts, and tell them to sit down because you were made for pure greatness, baby.