Yes, There Are Girls Who Know Sports

The popularity of sport consumption has grown dramatically over the years. People all across the world, whether they be spectators or participators, have joined in the excitement. While it may come as a surprise to some, women have become a large part of the fan base. Sports is not, and should not, be seen as a strictly masculine form of entertainment. It appeals to all types of people with an array of all different sports, such as basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc. As a female, we constantly face the struggle of having to prove to men that we know what is going on in the sports world. Yes, I am a girl and yes, I love sports.

Here are a few of the many things we are tired of hearing when it comes to sports:

Name 5 players on that team.

This is probably the worst thing you can say to a girl.

Did you start liking that team because of your dad/brother/boyfriend?

Or maybe I just like watching them play...

You must have a lot of boys in your family.

Why "must" that be?

Did you play sports in high school?

What does that have to do with anything?

You know a lot about sports for a girl.

What is that even supposed to mean...

Who do you think is hotter?

Did you seriously just ask me that?

I bet you just go to the games to take pictures and eat stadium food.

I'm just going to walk away before I say something I might regret.

Do you even know the rules?

No, I'm just screaming at the TV because I like to.

Who got you into sports?


Are you even paying attention to the game?

Yes and if you stopped spending so much time questioning me, you would be to.

They have that jersey in pink.


Why do you have the ESPN app on your phone?

Is there a law telling me I can't?

I bet you watch sports because you want all the guys to like you.

No. No. No.

Let me explain to you what just happened.

Please don't.

I can turn the game off if you want to watch something else.

But I'd actually rather watch this, thank you ...

Can you go grab me something to eat? You weren't watching the game anyway right?

Yes. Actually. I was.

You don't seem like the type to follow sports.

And what does "the type" seem like?

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