Yes I Am In College And Still Afraid Of Santa: A Step By Step Guide Into One Of My Biggest Fears.

Yes I Am In College And Still Afraid Of Santa: A Step By Step Guide Into One Of My Biggest Fears.

"Belive in the magic of Christmas"


Everyone has a fear in life; for some people it is spiders, dying alive or clowns, but for me it is Santa. Ever since I remember, I have been afraid of the man. The childhood phenomenon of Santa and the belief in Christmas is a magical experience for most children. It honestly taunts me in my sleep. Even at 20, I still cannot get over the fear of the Santa. Here are some reasons why Santa is one of the scariest people alive:

**Yes, this listicle was terrifying to make because I had to look up pictures of Santa on Google**

1. The beard

Duck Dynasty and ZZ Top are okay, but the white beard is just creepy

2. Why is he so happy all of the time?

"Jolly old Saint Nicholas"

3. “He sees you when you are sleeping”

That is just creepy

4. The red suit

No, just no; even if it isn't Santa. Just too creepy.

5. He sneaks into your house when you are sleeping

...AND that is why at my house we enclosed out chimney (not because of a leak or something)

6. At the mall, he always looks so angry and grumpy


7. You never hear about any of his friends

Wow, that's cool. He gets to be friends with a snowman, reindeer, penguin and other mythological creatures like a Christmas tree

8. There are so many movie spin offs, from The Polar Express to Elf

You just don’t know what to believe anymore.

9. He drives a sleigh

What if there isn't snow on the ground or you live in a tropical part of the world? Does he still drive one? It's too complex.

10. The Naughty and Nice List

That is bullying, Santa. What is the criteria anyways?

In the end, just believe and have some Christmas spirit and all else will be fine.

But then again, that cursive is kind of creepy...

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