An Open Letter For The Girls Struggling With Who They Are
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An Open Letter For The Girls Struggling With Who They Are

You are important.

An Open Letter For The Girls Struggling With Who They Are

I'll start off by saying that you probably don't know who I am, and you may not be entirely sure how this letter applies to you. However, if you clicked on this article, I know that something in you felt a pull toward it. Maybe this was one of those things where if you clicked on it, you were hoping to find some sort of comfort and acceptance, or maybe you were generally curious about what someone like me would have to say about your well-being. You may be curious about how I could relate to you.

So, here we are.

And this letter is written for you:

Dear strong, beautiful, and powerful lady,

I will start off by saying that discovering yourself can be a hard thing, because not even I know myself completely, and that is okay because this entire life is about discovering who you are.

Two things that I want you to know is that I hope your day is good and I hope that you feel okay about yourself. Saying that seems strange to me, because even those two things are a struggle for me in my everyday life. Normally as women, we are taught to keep our heads and and see the best in everything. Everything is about being positive and, as women, we are supposed to be supportive and uplifting.

Yet, right now, I can tell you that everything is most definitely not positive, and I am not as uplifting as I would like to be. That is okay for me, and it is most certainly okay for you too.

The majority of this letter will be something for you to ponder in life and something to help you live a little easier.

For instance, something very important to me is that you, a strong woman, never see yourself as something unworthy because my mind will implode from all the different ways that I could compliment you and help you see that you are made of gold.

Women are very special to this world, and the fact that you are one says wonders. I can be typical and say the thing that you read on the internet -- which would be the simple "there is something special about you" quote -- but in reality, that is correct.

You are special and important, and you should not see yourself as worthless. Be sure to value yourself as you continue to grow in the world.

Like your well-being, your future is also very important. Please, make smart choices and set goals. Goals are something that drive us as women to become huge successes and to achieve in this corrupt world. With that being said, school is important. Yes, I know that school isn't a top priority for a lot of people, but if you are a woman that has access to schooling, pursue it. It helps in the long run, as said by my mother.

As a side note to that, is is also okay to not know what you're planning to do with your future. Take me, for instance. I have interests in my future, but I don't have a set plan, and I used to panic over that. But no, don't panic. It really is okay. Planning is good, and it always will be, but it is also okay to be exactly where you are.

Lastly in this open letter, and something that I hold close to my heart, is observing yourself in bad situations. Read this carefully (and probably over and over again) because this is a crucial point of my words.

If you are unhappy, observe your life. Unhappiness is never good for you or those around you. However, don't get "being unhappy with life" and "being sad all the time" confused. Because sadness sometimes cannot be helped, and yes, it's okay to be sad.

Let's focus on unhappiness because it can be helped. With unhappiness, there is usually something in life that you control or you can control. For example, take a declared major in college. If the outcome of the major doesn't make you happy, why pursue it? If it's money, there are plenty of other options that you can do for your major. This is your life we are talking about.

In another instance, take relationships. If you are not happy and know that your relationship is the cause of your unhappiness, why stay? I understand that it can be difficult sometimes, but sometimes it is not.

Example of why to end a difficult relationship: if your boyfriend or girlfriend is abusive somehow. If you can control if you're in this relationship, don't let them abuse you. You are important. You matter. Your happiness matters.

Say it again for the people in the back who didn't hear you, your happiness matters.

Following your heart brings happiness. Trusting yourself brings happiness.

You can bring yourself happiness.

In your journey for discovering yourself, I hope this letter has provided some help in the process.

Sincerely, your sister somehow,


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