From A Female, Republican College Student Who Stands By Trump
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From A Female, Republican College Student Who Stands By Trump

I'm all aboard the Trump train and there's no stopping it.

From A Female, Republican College Student Who Stands By Trump

Not only am I outnumbered by liberals in the college community, I am also a female Republican against the recent feminist movements. Very often I see the debate about President Donald Trump. Here are some reasons why I'm aboard the Trump train and proud of it.

Trump is not "owned" by a political party.

He spent his own money to support his election. He had everything to lose and still risked it for our country. He is a businessman. He knows how to make money, keep money and spend money. This country needs financial help to relieve some of our debt.

Trump supports our military/armed forces.

Along with police officers, fireman, paramedics and many others. All of these careers consist of putting others before yourself, risking your own life to protect and serve. This is taken advantage of way too often and it needs to change. The people who work in these careers deserve much more than what they are receiving. This includes respect, which they are not given when they are being shot, ridiculed, bashed because of their career choice. Others are too quick to stereotype and say all officers are bad or racist. This is not true to any extent. Out of everyone in this country, these people deserve the most respect.

I am in full support of our second amendment.

I have the right to protect myself, my property and my family. Not only are guns not the main weapon, they can also help to stop a robbery, another murder. Guns in the hands of the right people are more beneficial than having no guns at all. A citizen with a concealed carry permit on the scene of a shooting can stop that shooter before he is able to fire off or hurt more innocent people.

People think this will decrease crime? Make them illegal and see how many criminals still get their hands on one. Drugs are illegal and yet there are more overdoses and uses now than ever. Murder can be successful with many other weapons. For example, knives, poison, gas, drugs, scissors, and for heaven's sake a person can be killed with bare hands. Guns are not the problem, people are.

We now have a president who instead of giving the working man's money away he wants people to work for their money.

Our previous president loved to give money to the undeserving. Trump is not against supporting our citizens, he is against people abusing the system which has been the case for many years.

Trump wants us to take our defense stance back.

We have one of the strongest militaries in the world and we need to maintain that status. Terrorist attacks are happening left and right but what is being done? Thoughts and prayers are being sent but yet attacks keep occurring. Hmmm, if only there was a way to prevent them. Look at it this way, when your house is being infested with ants you spray around your house. This kills the ants trying to invade your home. Sound familiar?

Immigration. Goodness people, just do the paperwork and get your citizenship.

We will let you in with proof you will work and aren't trying to kill us. We give away enough money already to those in the country not willing to work, we can't keep supporting new people while maintaining our power. Look at it like this, you are a mother of 3 children. You are working 2 jobs to keep your children fed until they can care for themselves. Two more children show up on your doorstep, no family, no names and move in for you to take care of. How do you make a way to support them?

Now, for the feminists.

Oh, want to run around the streets topless and with blood streaming down your legs? Cover yourselves.

We have breasts in order to feed our children. We cover them to protect them. Trust me, I know that menstrual supplies are expensive but they're as expensive as you go. The name brand are higher than knock offs but guess what, they do the same job! Just like buying a Yeti or Ozark. You have the option as to how much you want to spend. With all of the diseases and nastiness in blood, we don't need more on the buses and public places.

BE SANITARY! I know it's a natural thing but so is using the restroom yet we still buy toilet paper.

Also, Rosa Parks was a feminist. Martin Luther King started a movement.

The protesters who are destroying buildings, killing cops and other first responders, rioting, stomping or burning the American flag and all of those unhelpful actions are not going to get the same results as a person who acts with respect.

People do not realize the after effects are worse than before. Instead of helping the cause, this is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Not only that, if you do not respect our first responders then don't bother calling 911 when your house is being broken into, your friend has overdosed or your house is on fire.

Don't like our flag? There are many other countries in this world. Find one and move there. Research your problems history, know your facts and acknowledge the problem appropriately.


The gays have received their rights and that's the final straw.

We do not need bathrooms what are not specific to gender.

We have male and female genders.

Women do not need higher pay.

You want more pay, then do a more dangerous job.

A man working at Food Lion in the same position as you is not making any more than you are. Sorry to break it to you. Now a man who is a welder or lineman will be making more than you but for other reasons like certifications, qualifications, requirements, agility, etc. Not because he has man's genitals.

Yes, there are MANY jobs deserving of higher pay, jobs like military, cops, first responders, nurses, teachers, just to list some but fast food workers, you do not deserve $15 an hour. You just don't.

Not everyone could do your job but the job of taking orders is for people desperate of a job, students, etc. Get a college diploma or find a trade. On the college note, if you want free college then either work your butt off in high school and in your community in order to receive scholarships or join the military. I promise they would love you have you.

I know there are many more issues going around but these are a few with my perspective, you get the point. I'll support Trump his full 4 years. I will remain Republican for as long as their beliefs and stances remain the same. I will always be female and never support these feminist movements. I will graduate from college and share my voice on these concerns.

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