7 Reasons Yellow Labs Are The Best Dogs

7 Reasons Yellow Labs Are The Best Dogs

Their loving and protective nature makes the ideal pets in every way imaginable.

Anyone who owns a dog thinks their dog is the best of them all. And while every puppy is indeed adorable, I am obviously biased towards the yellow labrador retriever. If you're thinking about getting a dog for your family, a yellow lab might be your best choice! As a proud owner (alongside my family) of Violet, our puppy who is a year and a half old, I can give you great 7 reasons why these dogs make the best pets.

1. They're wildly energetic

Especially as puppies. Yellow labs have incredible amounts of energy. It may borderline annoying at times, but you just have to remember that they just want to play and socialize with the best intentions!

2. They're great for families

Anyone who has raised a yellow lab from puppy-hood knows how affectionate and loving these dogs are and can grow to be.

3. They're always friendly

Right alongside being great for families, this is one happy dog.

4. They love to swim

My puppy may wear a lifejacket when she jumps into the water, but she definitely loves to swim. In fact, the beach is one of her favorite places ever!

5. They get along with other dogs

Yellow labs don't have a reputation for being crazy or aggressive, and they always love to play with any dog they encounter on a walk or in a park.

6. They're protective

Just because yellow labs don’t have an aggressive reputation doesn’t mean they won’t always protect their owners no matter what.

7. They’re the cutest dogs!

In my opinion, they’re even cuter than chocolate and black labs. Just look at this face!

Cover Image Credit: Annie Condodina

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Common Mistakes You Generally Do While Buying a Scope

Mistakes You Do Buying Scope!

Owning a rifle is one aspect, but mounting accessories on it is another aspect that needs proper installation and wise recommendation. The scope of your rifle is one of the important tools that are installed on your rifle to increase your perfection in the shooting. While hunting a deer, you will definitely require a good scope that is featured with ample functionalities and lets you hit the target with a single shot.

But while buying the scope, there are many mistakes that most of the people generally do. And interestingly, all of the mistakes are caused due to the negligence of some important pointers. So, below are the common mistakes that most of the buyers do while buying a good rifle scope.

Buying the Available Scope:

 While going for the scope, most of the people think that when you are buying for a scope, you can go with any of the available product and that will fulfill all your requirements. But this is a myth! Every scope is built to serve you different things, and when you are buying the scope, it’s important to check what purpose do you actually expect from it. Most of the people prefer buying scopes for ordinary hunting and shooting. 

Buying High Functionality Scope:

 A high-end scope encompasses multiple functions like mil-dot reticule, focus or parallax adjustment, target turrets, etc. which needs to be used only when you need a high level of shooting. But when you are buying for ordinary shooting, your rifle doesn’t require a high-feature scope. E.g. shooting a deer at a distance of ~150 yards doesn’t require a high level of targeting. Hence you can hit with your mid-range scopes. 

Choosing High Magnification Scope:

 Most of the people think of buying a scope with high magnification that will be highly beneficial for you to target the prey. And the low price tag even calls you to opt high magnification scope. But actually, the low budget scope that offers you high magnification makes use of cheap quality lenses that give you more magnification but blurs the resultant. You will be capable of using it only at a moderate setting.

Buying Mounts and Scope Separately:

 While buying the scope, most of you either plan to integrate the scope with the existing mount or buy a separate mount. But at the end, you find that the mount and scope are not compatible, and you need to make another try. This is always recommended that whenever you are buying a new scope; make sure you add the mounts in the same cart that ensure proper mounting.

These are some of the common mistakes that if you consider and skip while buying the scope, you will undoubtedly get the best accessory for your rifle. 

All in all, it’s your money that needs to be invested in the right accessory. And when it comes to buying a quality scope, it becomes even more important to consider the above-given mistakes and choose the best product which is worth the price and delivers you the most reliable services.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Reunite With My Dog

A.K.A. my best friend

Being far from home, I certainly have those days where I miss my humble abode; my own room, my family, and the many delicious home-cooked meals. Despite these moments of sorrow, I generally am so content being in this wonderful place I get to call my new home. There’s just one furry friend that I am dying to see: a soft-coated Wheaten terrier named Dezi.

Dezi came into my life like a surprise when I was 9 years old. I quickly got over my fear of dogs and fell in love with this animal. She adds immense amounts of joy into my whole family’s lives every single day. While some of her antics may have become routine, they will never get old. I will never stop laughing when she jumps down the stairs or when she stomps her paws for food. Even though she doesn’t speak (English), she is an incredible communicator and I always know what she wants, whether that be to go on a walk or to get her ball from under the sofa. Here are some reasons why my dog, and probably yours too, deserves to be celebrated every day and why I can’t wait to come home and visit her.

1. She has grown up with me.

I was only 9 years old when I got my dog. Now I’m 18. A lot happens between 4th grade and freshman year of college. She has been with me through all the growing experiences.

2. She’s always here to listen.

If no one else wants to hear me rant about something or listen to me sing, I know she’ll always sit there and watch me, even if she doesn’t say anything.

3. She never judges me.

If I run downstairs in a weird outfit or say a bad joke, she won’t think any less of me and will love me just the same.

4. She loves everyone.

Everyone knows when they come over to my house, they can expect a tail wagging fifty miles a minute and a ton of kisses. She loves showing affection and receiving affection.

5. She’s always there.

When I’m alone at home or everyone else is busy, I always know I have her waiting for me to play or cuddle with her.

6. She motivates me to exercise.

She’s my walking buddy. I know she needs to get her exercise and fresh air for the day, just like I do, so it gives me a good reason to get off the couch and be good to myself too.

7. She’s always excited to see me.

There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my dog jump for joy when anyone in my family comes home. Even if we were only gone for half an hour, she acts like she hasn’t seen us in years and she clearly misses us.

8. She loves me.

From running over to give me kisses to sitting on my suitcase because she doesn’t want me to leave, I can tell that my dog loves me for who I am.

Dogs can teach us so much about how easy and amazing it is to just be nice and happy. They give us so much love and joy that all the work us owners have to put in to take care of our dogs makes it definitely worth it. She’s my best friend and I will never forget how special she is. See you soon, Dezi!

Cover Image Credit: Arlene Byster

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