January 1st. Day one of 365. Endless possibilities. 365 days to make it count. What're you going to be focusing on this year?

If you had to think about that question for more than a few seconds, that's where you're going wrong. Stop thinking and understand this. This year you'll be focusing on you.

Yes, you read that right.

This year is about you.

2019 is the year of self-love. This year we are going to let go of the bad habits we once had. We are going to learn how to truly love ourselves inside and out. We are going to focus on mental health. We're focusing on you first.

So, what does this "self-love" I speak of look like? Well, let's dabble in that thought for a second.

This year, you're going to learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

You're going to look in the mirror every day and be able to tell yourself, "You got this."

You're going to be able to trust yourself with every thought and decision you make because you're confident enough in your own skin.

You're going to be radiating happiness and confidence, to the point where you enter a room, people are going to notice. Impossible you may say, but in order for you to truly believe this, you have to live it. Act confident, be happy, be radiant. Because you are one in a trillion, my friend.

You're beautiful and brilliant. Tell yourself this every day. Because once you start thinking and believing it internally, you'll ooze confidence externally.

2019 is also going to be the year where you stop apologizing. Truly love, stop apologizing for saying "no" to plans or for feeling a certain way.

In 2019, we are owning our emotions and feelings, no matter how silly you may think you are or how uncomfortable it may make you feel. Your emotions are valid, always.

Don't ever say sorry or feel guilty for expressing them. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who is so connected with their emotions that they don't feel they need to be sorry for them. You can say "no." You can love someone who doesn't love you back. You can want something different than someone else. What you want and what you feel is important. Don't ever lose sight of that. 2019 is the year where you'll begin to accept those moments of vulnerability.

This year you're going to challenge yourself and do things that make you happy. Been itching to try something new? Take the leap and do it. Wanting to ask someone else but afraid about what they may think? You want to do it, so do it. Scared to start a fitness journey because you're afraid of other people's opinions? If it makes you happy, screw everyone else. You need to push yourself to be uncomfortable. 2019 is the year we normalizing being uncomfortable. We're going to be trying new things, pushing new boundaries, and breaking ceilings.

This is the year for you. Plain and simple. No need to complicate it any more than that. 2019 is yours. 365 days for you to be a confident, self-loving boss. This year is yours. Make every day count.

Be bold, be brave, be relentless. But most importantly, focus on yourself and self-love. You got this.