Year Of Metamorphosis
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Year Of Metamorphosis

Every butterfly was once a caterpillar and every caterpillar will someday be a butterfly.

Year Of Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis. [Met-uh-mawr-fuh-sis]. Noun. A profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and the pupa to the adult butterfly. Metamorphosis happens in four stages: the egg, the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and finally the butterfly. These organisms don’t even realize the change that is occurring every single day, yet they revolve around it. A caterpillar’s natural instincts tell it to transform, so it does. Without the constant changes a caterpillar experiences, there would be no butterflies. Every butterfly used to be a caterpillar, just as every caterpillar will someday be a butterfly.

I was given an assignment to choose a word to live by for the next year. Some people chose “determination,” some chose “positivity” but I chose “metamorphosis.” The word “metamorphosis” has always been stuck in my head for some reason and hopefully within the next year I will figure out why. I chose this word, not because I’m an avid fan of biology, but because to me, metamorphosis represents a change, a transformation, an evolution. I chose this word as a constant reminder to willingly change and transform myself for the better. Admittedly, I oppose change like I oppose the dentist; therefore my hopes for this word are high. I’m aware that a simple word isn’t going to make me more willing to adapt to change, but by planting this word in my mind day after day, maybe it will begin to take effect. I am not looking to become a completely different person out of this; that would be silly. I am looking to welcome and embrace change as it is thrown at me, hopefully learning and growing as a result. Today, if a life-changing opportunity showed up on my doorstep, I most likely wouldn’t take it. This is my problem. This is why I chose metamorphosis. A year from now I hope to have developed and matured into the type of person to take opportunities as they come and allow change to happen freely. If it takes posting the word “metamorphosis” around my room, so be it. I am determined to let this assignment work and I am determined to change.

I’ve thought a lot about the word “metamorphosis” throughout my life (as weird as that is), and I’ve discovered that it is representative of so much more than the life cycle of a butterfly. Metamorphosis is a symbol for change whether that be through butterflies or through human beings. How lucky we are that nature has given us such a lovely metaphor for change. Caterpillars are fortunate in the way that they are conditioned to embracing change, while most of us humans aren’t nearly as lucky. Remember that every butterfly was once a caterpillar and every caterpillar will soon be a butterfly, just as all humans have a past as well as a future. I’ve found myself in a rut recently, not allowing change in my life. I am ready to learn to accept change as it comes. I am ready for my metamorphosis.

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