Best Year Ever: Enter To Win A Free Room Makeover
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Student Life

Best Year Ever: Enter To Win A Free Room Makeover

Get Your Place Decked Out For The School Year

Best Year Ever: Enter To Win A Free Room Makeover

You’ve spent months at home, you’ve run out of things to do at night, you’ve been in the car for hours, and finally, you make that first turn off the highway onto campus. There is literally no feeling in the world that can compare to that undeniable sense of pure joy as you make the realization that you are back on campus.

On the other hand...there’s nothing that can crush that feeling faster and with more force than the second realization you have:

I still have to move into my new place.

Or how about once you move in, and you realize that the only furniture you have is a child-sized bedroom suite, an air mattress your grandma thought “might come in handy”, and you’re stuck trying to patch everything together to look like an actual living space?

What if you didn’t have to move? What if you didn’t have to find and buy furniture? This year, CORT and Odyssey are working together to make that happen for one lucky college student .

Above: "The Entertainment" student package from CORT.

Between now and September 20th, you can enter to win a school year’s worth of furniture for three rooms of your apartment or house by posting a pic of your room with #HelpMeCORT to your public Twitter or Instagram account. Entries will be posted to the Instagram account @HelpMeCORT, “votes” will be cast in the form of likes between 9/21 - 9/27, and the winner will be announced the week of September 28th.

Not familiar with CORT? CORT is a furniture rental company that offers student furniture rental packages, delivery, and setup. They’ll deck out your place, and when you move out, they’ll come take it all away. Making not only move-in and move-out days easy, but your entire year better by giving you convenience and stylish furniture. Upgrade your space and make moving a thing of the past by sharing your space now. See them in action at the University of Texas in Austin:

Only current college students enrolled at UC Berkeley, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, or University of Georgia will be eligible to win. Prize includes a 9 month rental of furniture for 3 rooms, and does not apply to university housing (i.e. campus dorms or campus-furnished apartments). Winner is determined by the entry receiving the most likes when posted to the contest account @HelpMeCORT between September 21, 2015 and September 27, 2015.
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